burning night

Hannah is out for a walk, when suddenly she bumps into a post. She falls to the ground screaming in agony. Her entire body was burning, but the worst part was when she felt she couldn't feel her left shoulder.


3. awakening

Hannah opened her heys, her entire body was in complete agony. She was now on the ground, unable to think about anything but the burning that had now filled her body worse than the fear. She screamed but nobody would here her. How loong had she been passed out, an hour maybe two at most.

Shadows passed over her, making her shrivel. What was happening to her? What was going on? She had no wounds other than the one on her chest so why was her entire body burning?

"I'll let you live if you agree to help me" came a soft girls voice.

"Yes, ok " cried Hannah, out of desperation.

As soon as whoever her killer was let her go, she would run as fast as she could, but the killer didn't release her, instead she walked away into the darkness. What did she mean help her? she was only 17 years old how could she help a professional killer in anyway.

Hannah stared into the night sky. It was beautiful, Hannah had never felt so happy to be alive. Then the pain began to ease. Hannah was able to stop her body from moving so violently and it didn't burn as much. She sat up, wincing as she done so. Tears dripped from her eyes. The wound in her chest had healed andd she was no longer afraid.

Where was the killer? "I need you to lure people into the woods and we shall feed together" came the girls voice.

What did she mean feed together?. What made her think Hannah would ever come back. Hannah stood up, but instantly ran. She was running faster than she had ever ran in her life.

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