burning night

Hannah is out for a walk, when suddenly she bumps into a post. She falls to the ground screaming in agony. Her entire body was burning, but the worst part was when she felt she couldn't feel her left shoulder.


1. The little girl

Hannah was walking down a footpath in the woods. This was her first trip through the woods alone. Usually people with guns would be with her. All the villagers always told her to stay away from the woods, telling her stories about the times they were attacked or someone they knew was killed.

There seemed to be allot of history in the woods but Hannah never really cared much for it. "It's just a myth" she kept telling herself.

It wasn't even scary at first, there was nothing to fear, no owls howling, no whispers, nothing out of the ordinary. As Hannah continued to walk down the footpath, However, fear filled her body. There on the ground lay a little girls body. Silhouetted against the moon-light. The girl couldn't have been more than 12 years old.

Hannah breathing became heavy, her heart was no banging so hard against her chest that it heart. She swallowed as se approached the little girls body, maybe she was just sleeping, maybe someone was playing a game. Hannah knelt down at the little girls body and noticed a dark substance around the girls mouth.


Hannah checked the girls pulse.


Hannah didn't know what to do, what were her option? she had at least another half a mile to any exits. She was alone, she could die right there and nobody would know. Hannah put her hand over her mouth to stop herself from screaming.

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