Life is hard♥

April is forced to move to Italy because her mum got a job. Will she cope to start a new life?


2. The organizing

5th November 2012

After I woke up, I went over to the boxes that contained all of my belongings. I unpacked my fluffy,lilac pillows,my clear white rug,then I got my bedcovers and I picked my favourite colour lilac.After I got my bed all ready I put my favourite adorable panda bear, that I've had for 11 years.I was feeling worried how everything will be organized.And now I am thinking about my little,cute kitty (Stripes) The house was nearly ready! I had  lilac paint that gleamed, a bright brown closet . A beautiful light that was fluffy white, a white curtain with spots on the window which had, an incredible view, my door was quite unusual because it was not a door it was, pretty diamonds hanging down, attach to a string and a mini bookshelf with all my interesting novels.                               

As I quickly came down my mother gave me lots of present for my bedroom such as painting art set, an extraordinary huge book full about pandas with lots of feeling parts.And my nicest thing was the paintings that my mum gave to hang up in my room. I gently unwrapped  the wrapping paper, as if it was my birthday. But my favourite present was that I got my cat back, my dad sent it. My bracelet change from blue to pink.


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