Life is hard♥

April is forced to move to Italy because her mum got a job. Will she cope to start a new life?


1. The journey

At precisely 11.00am on the 4th of November 2012 I April Lane, was walking out of my old house to go to my new house in Italy. I was devastated that my kitty was not going to come with me, its called Stripes. I sat extremely nervous on my plane seat. I wasn't ready to leave my old decent life, and to start a new life. As I held my special charm, that my best friend gave to me as a leaving present and good luck charm, I left my old life to make a new one. Then my bracelet changed colour from blue to green.

Suddenly I was feeling nauseating, as I leisurely walked down to the train. I told my mother, however  my mother annoyed me because she was diligent,getting ready to leave. We took a train, from the station to the airport, then we took an airplane to Rome. Then my bracelet changed back to blue. Our destination has stop, when we reached too our new house. And not bothering that there weren't a bed.  I just got my white clear mattress then went to  a peaceful sleep.

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