Life is hard♥

April is forced to move to Italy because her mum got a job. Will she cope to start a new life?


4. Random day!

The next day, it was December 1st and snow come drizzly down. As soon, as possible, I built an igloo, a snowman with carrot a noes; an angel and I went ice-skating which I haven't done in a while. However my cat was freezing cold like death. That mean't she was ill, so we took her to the vet. She was OK, but needed some rest. I decided to show Stripes, the basket we brought, with a cosy blanket.As soon as I came in my mum told me, instantly to come to the laptop to find some school. They found one which was perfect that was called Academy of the year. Its rating was 5/5, so my mum thought it was indeed incredible. It was also very healthy for your body, to redeem your strength and speed. In two weeks I was going to be going there!As time went past, it was nearly school. All she could think about was about how she will cope? Just to keep her clam, she played with her kitty that she is, totally in love with.











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