Life is hard♥

April is forced to move to Italy because her mum got a job. Will she cope to start a new life?


3. Arrangement

l needed new clothes because all my other ones, went to charity. So my mum took me around Italy, and saw an outstanding shop that as boutiques. We went inside and it was extreme humongous also was so beautiful. There was one big store, with everything. The bracelet changed silver to orange. What does the mean?

We brought:

Cute white purse, attach with April name on it, and had real pieces of gold that weighted 180 cohorts.

A furry coat that, she tried on and was so comfortable.

Gloves, boots, a glitter shiny scarf and hat that had a, puffy ball on top.

And brought many different type of design, of vest, bra (any colour), nickers, tops, puffy skirts, trousers, dresses, leggings, jumper, tight, coats, shoes and shirts.

I was so happy because got a brand new phone, the latest one. With that I got a keyring of a panda. It had everything I needs for secondary school, mainly Google Translater.After all that her wardroom was so full. I could not believe my eyes. My mum reminded me that the next day, we will look for a school which had a good reputation, most kind people and okay amount of student. Now that, I just left primary school, I already misses my friend. That was, very hard for me to cope . But she had to, learn how to speak Italian first that the big, problem!

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