the haunted cupboard!!!

this story is all about a cupboard which has drove people away from this house for hundreds of years but whatever it is it is getting stronger,but who is its next victim............


5. upstairs but whats downstairs !!!

"yay you really no how to cheer me up every time i get upset you do somthing to cheer me up hahaha" charlotte said by the way she had'nt seen her friends since the wedding 5 weeks ago."oh ino babe"he said "well come on love we better hurry there coming round at 12 and its already 10 come on he ran out and had a wash.charlotte got ready when he went out they were both ready it was 11oclock they tidied the house and got out there swimming costume they sat upstairs on the bed for a while just sorting out there bedroom to give the boys and girls a tour.they heard somthing smash down stairs charlotte got the shock of her life she screamed so loud even liam screamed he ran over to her and hugged her so tight like he would never let her go "its ok it will just be the wind nocking somthing ill go down and see what has happend"he said"he ran down the stairs he looked at the cupboard and saw a scratch on the door the glass was smashed on the floor right by the cupboard.

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