the haunted cupboard!!!

this story is all about a cupboard which has drove people away from this house for hundreds of years but whatever it is it is getting stronger,but who is its next victim............


4. the morning

it was the day after they moved in they new someone or something was in there house.they woke up bright and early it was satuarday liam said "hi did you remember last night or was it my nightmare" "YES why would i forget the lock on the floor i think we should find out the history of this house because that is not safe if we have been broken into babe" said charlotte " yes sweet heart but we will never find out the hole history because this house is hundreds of years but atleast if we find out what is here and if it carrys on we will have to move again "liam then kissed her on the lips for about 5 seconds.they then got up out of bed went down stairs and saw that the lights were back on and the lock was unlocked charlotte cried and said "why does this happen to us liam""i dont no but we will sort this together mrs payne" charlottes face changed and liam put one hand on her hip and the other under her eyes he wipe her tears away and said "come on were going to have a fun day" and kissed her cheek they ran upsatairs and liam said "ive got a suprise for you""what"she shouted" just that the boys and your bestmates are coming down" 

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