the haunted cupboard!!!

this story is all about a cupboard which has drove people away from this house for hundreds of years but whatever it is it is getting stronger,but who is its next victim............


2. the couple that moved in...

this couple was newly wed Liam and Charlotte they had been together for 5 years before they got married.Liam was a lovely boy he loved her to bits they met on holiday with there friends,there engagement was so sweet liam bought a kinder egg and replaced the toy with the ring. a white gold ring and a sparkly diamond he replaced the instructions to the toy with a note saying will you marry me.cutting a long story short they got married.they had been living in a small flat so they looked for a house they eventually found this three bed roomed house, with pool, basement and lots of STORAGE SPACE.they wondered why anyone would leave this lovely house  but they still moved in the day had come they put there boxes in the van and the van driver helped them move in as they walked through the door they spotted a cupboard with a padlock on charlotte said "did the lady who showed us this house tell us about that cupboard" "no i dont think so she just said thats more storage space i wonder why its got a padlock on it" "idont no we will find out tomorrow" they put all there boxes in the living room and got changed into there pj's and said good night they went upstairs were they had a double bed put up for them they got in kissed goodnight and went to sleep now liam was not a good sleeper he  would wake up and go back to sleep.

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