Un-Requited Love

This book is based on my feelings and how I have felt in the past. Un-Requited Love is defined in this book. People generally do undergo feelings like this, and I've found that writing about my experience does help myself overcome.


1. Never Forgotten


So basically, I love him. I really do. It kills me that I can't do anything about it. What can I do? I try forgetting about it everyday. But I just can't. He just can't be forgotten. I would never really forget him, because we're too close. But I would try and forget my feelings for him. Sometimes, I just stop what I'm doing for a while and think 'what if?'. What if we did end up together. How perfect would it be? I imagine us. Not him & me, but us. Talking till all hours, listening to each other, laughing at each others jokes, telling each other how much we love each other. It just seems perfect. The kinda love in a movie. I dream of it as perfection. The perfect date... and it goes like this ;  


'We were playing basketball out in the sun, me in shorts and a tank top and him in jeans and his basketball jersey and a hoodie. While we were playing, it starts pouring with thunder and rain. Lightning just lights up the sky in a gorgeous purple colour. I'm suddenly soaked with rain. My hair is messy and all over my face. My clothes are wet, covered in thousands of cool rain drops. Suddenly a cold breeze gushed past and we  heard the thunder strike. We both ran under the shade and sat on the bench. I started to shiver and feel very cold. He came close to me. Moved the hair off my face, and looked me in the eyes. He took off his hoodie and put it around me. I looked at him and whispered 'I love you' while shivering. He hugged me tight and kissed my forehead, and told me he loved me too.   

We waited until the rain reduced, and ran to the nearest cab station we could find. It was perfect, so very perfect. We got into a cab and went back home to my place. My parents didn't mind him coming over and loved him as much as I did. We ran into the house and went up into my room. My room was warm, dry and cosy. I told him I'd be a second and went and changed into my sweat pants and a baggy hoodie. I tied my hair up in a high bun. He told me I looked most beautiful then. He had left some of his clothes over at my place, so he changed too. We were both in warm comfy clothes now. I got a lighter and lit a few candles around my room to make it warmer. I turned on the little star lights I had hanging from my roof beside my bed. The room looked perfect. I sat over on my bed, and patted the blanket and told him to come sit with me. I turned on the TV and put in the movie 'A Love Story'. It was our favourite to watch together. We both went under the blankets and snuggled up closely to keep each other warm. He kept looking at me, and I kept looking at him. Giving each other those 'You are all that I've ever dreamed of' looks. Giggling everytime we caught each others eyes. It was perfect. I looked out of the window, to see the city lights, and the lighting striking the top of the highest building. The perfect view. The perfect weather. The perfect date. The perfect guy. We both fell asleep in each others arms.   

I woke up to see him sitting beside me, with a table laid with breakfast that he had cooked for me. He kissed me and said 'Goodmorning beautiful'. I smiled and kissed him back. Just to have him say that made my whole day. I felt like a princess. I felt more loved than anyone in the world. All because of HIM. Him, him, him.'  

I think about this perfect date, all the time. Imagining it again and again. Hoping it will happen. I wish he knew. I really do. But, unfortunately, he doesn't and I don't think he ever will. I'm completely,hopelessly, and desperately in love with him, but I know my feelings will never reach him.   

This is unrequited love. This is my unrequited love.

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