Wolf Boy

We all know that Jacob and Bella are long time friends. Jacob wants to be more than that. Bella does too. So why can't their undying love flourish? The answer is simple. Edward.

He has also been watching Bella since she was a young little girl, without anyone knowing. He teased her and entrigued her until she had no choice but to fall for him too. Now the time has finally come. Bella has finally a agreed to marry Edward and he entends to hold her to it.

Jacob, on the other hand will, will do anything in his power to stop the love of his life from selling her soul to the devil. Who knew werewolves had the ability to change humans as well?

What if Bella has some secrets of her own? What if she truly doesn't want either of them? I promise this story will be full of 'what if's'.

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8. The Mall

  One Year Later

   Jacob's POV

   Four months since Jacob imprinted on Bella's baby daughter, Renesmee. Three months since he stopped feeling the pain of his mark connection to Bella. Two months since the Volturi had come to Forks and threatened to kill his beloved Renesmee. One month since Renesmee's 15th birthday. Two weeks since Edward forbid the lovers to see each other. Two minutes since Jacob kissed her goodnight and promised to come back soon.

   Jacob had known the second he laid eyes on her that he was in love. It had taken a mere second to fall uncontrollably in love. He would take a bullet for the little girl wrapped up in the pale pink blanket. Jake didn't care that she was part vampire. Renesmee was perfect in his eyes. She didn't even smell like the leeches he hated so much. He was overjoyed when Renesmee claimed her love for him on her 15th birthday. They had even kissed that day. Even though it was a full month ago, Jacob still remember it like it was yesterday.

   Flash Back

   "Jake, can I talk to you?" Renesmee whispered in the werewolf's ear.

   "Of course Nessie," he murmured, brushing her bangs away from her eyes, "You can tell me anything."

   The house was empty. The Cullens where hunting and getting ready for Renesmee's birthday party. Renesmee was growing like a weed but her growth seemed to be slowing down, thank god. She had long, wavy, copper-brown hair that vaguely resembled her mother's, and warm chocolate-brown eyes. She was beautiful in every way humanly, and immortally, possible.

   Renesmee grinned widely and took Jacob's hand. She carefully guided him upstairs and into her room. She seemed to want privacy. Probably in case her parents decided to come home early. Jacob didn't mind. He had a feeling he knew what Nessie was going to tell him and he knew that the Cullen's wouldn't approve.

   "Why so secretive Ness?" Jake asked, as if reading her mind. Of course he couldn't, which Renesmee was glad he couldn't, he could only hear other wolf's thoughts.

   "I don't want my family to know about this." She admitted slowly.

   Jacob chuckled, "Are you going to tell me what 'this' is"

   Without thinking, Nessie pressed her lips against his. Sparks immediately flew, like a shock of electricity being shot through his body. He had been waiting for her to kiss him for what seemed like centuries. It was worth the wait. They stayed like that for awhile...kissing that is. Suddenly Renesmee pulled away, causing a whimpering noise to escape Jake's mouth.

   "I love you Jacob." Nessie breathed.

   "I know" Jake replied bluntly.

   Renesmee punched him lightly on the shoulder in mock annoyance, "Do you love me?"

   "I think that goes without saying."

   End Of Flash Back

  Unfortunately they couldn't keep their feelings hidden for long. Edward heard their adoring thoughts almost immediately. He did, how ever, have enough mind to wait until after Nessie's birthday to confront them. The rest of the Cullen's seemed oblivious to their secretive love, aside from Alice but she didn't say anything. Edward had promised not to tell anyone as long as they promised to stop seeing each other.

   It worked for the first few days. But eventually Nessie snuck out daily to enjoy Jake's company. He had stopped visiting the house in fear of Edward picking through his thoughts again. Nessie was building up an immune to her father's powers as well. Quite like her mother's gift. Which so far was working perfectly.

   Renesmee's POV.

   Renesmee was just falling asleep when she heard footsteps outside her door, "Renesmee, I'm coming in." It was Alice.

   "Oh, hi Alice." Nessie murmured and faked a yawn.

   "How are you and Jacob?"

   Nessie's eyes grew wide, "H-How do you know about that? What did you see?"

   "Not much to be honest," Alice chuckled, "Only you and Jacob in the meadow."

   "Please don't tell anyone." Renesmee pleaded, "They wouldn't understand."

   "I promise. I'm excited to see you happy for once." Alice admitted and left Nessie alone with her thoughts.


   Nessie sat at the kitchen table, nibbling at her breakfast, still wearing her fuzzy purple PJ's. Being the only non-vampire in the house meant she got to learn how to cook her own food. Every morning. Fun right? Not. Today she had whipped up some scrambled eggs, Canadian bacon, and english muffins with butter and honey.

   "What are you planning on doing today, Ness?" her mother, Bella, asked her.

   "I think I'm going into town to meet some of my friends at the mall." Renesmee lied.

   "That sounds fun!" Bella beamed.

   "Do you want me to drive you?" Alice asked as she entered the room, giving Nessie a knowing smile. Ness nodded eagerly. 

   Renesmee rushed up to her room and into her walk-in closet. Her parents, with the help of Alice, had designed her room perfectly. A pale green, queen-sized bed was pushed in the corner, making the dark purple walls pop. A dresser stood on the opposite side of the room with a mirror hanging above it. A window was located by her bed that allowed sunlight (and a certain shape-shifting boy) to come through.

   Nessie slipped into a pair a red-denim jeans, a white tank top, and paired those with a stripped grey throw-over. She placed a white beanie on her head and stepped into a pair of grey flats. Once she was satisfied with her outfit, she skipped down the steps and out to her aunt's car.

   "You look nice." Alice commented slyly as she started pulling out of the drive.

   "Thank you."

   They arrived at the mall shortly after. Jacob had told Nessie to meet him in the food court at noon, it was 11:57am. Renesmee gingerly hopped out of the car, thanked Alice, and hurried through the main doors. It didn't take long for her to find Jake. He was leaning against the far wall, watching her intently. A playful smirk appeared on his face when she finally made eye contact with him. Nessie picked her way through the busy food court and jogging quickly up to Jacob. Who wrapped her in a comforting hug when she finally approached him.

   "What do you want to do today Ness?"

   "Well, I do want to get something for my first day of school." Nessie sighed, "But all I really want is to spend a relaxing day with my boyfriend."

   "D-Did you just call me your boyfriend?" Jacob asked, clearly shocked.

   "Well we're not friends with benefits if that's what you mean." she teased and started pulling him toward he favorite store, Garage.

   "Nessie! This is a girl store!" Jake whined.

   "It is not! Look," she pointed at a rack of men's wear, "Find something you like."

   Before they knew hours had gone by and they found themselves sitting in the food court, right where they had started that morning. Renesmee ended up spending all the money that her mother had given her. She did have a hard time spending it though, Jacob kept paying for stuff without her knowing. But she was sneaky and always slipped some cash in his pocket without him knowing.

   "I had a great time today Nessie." Jacob murmured into her ear.

   "I did too Jake." she replied and nuzzled into the crook of his neck, making his breathe hitch.

   She laughed at this and continued to tease him by trailing her hand down his arm and blowing lightly on his neck.

   "Such a tease." Jacob breathed as his lifted her chin and pressed his lips to her's.

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