Wolf Boy

We all know that Jacob and Bella are long time friends. Jacob wants to be more than that. Bella does too. So why can't their undying love flourish? The answer is simple. Edward.

He has also been watching Bella since she was a young little girl, without anyone knowing. He teased her and entrigued her until she had no choice but to fall for him too. Now the time has finally come. Bella has finally a agreed to marry Edward and he entends to hold her to it.

Jacob, on the other hand will, will do anything in his power to stop the love of his life from selling her soul to the devil. Who knew werewolves had the ability to change humans as well?

What if Bella has some secrets of her own? What if she truly doesn't want either of them? I promise this story will be full of 'what if's'.

Please don't forget to like, fan, fav, and comment if you like this story! It is for the Twilight competition on Movellas and I really think it has potential. <3 yours truly


11. Surprises

   Renesmee's POV.

   Nessie was proud to be finally standing up to her parents. A wide grin spread across her face when she saw the look of pure elation on her boyfriend's face. Bruised or not, Jacob looking stunning in the dim light. Unfortunately their joy didn't last long. In a matter of seconds, Renesmee found herself pressed against the wall on the opposite side of the room. Her mother's strong arms holding her tightly. Her father had Jacob in a deadly headlock, Edward's toned arms were slowly constricting tighter and tighter around his neck. 

   "Dad!" Nessie cried, struggling against her mother's restraints, "Don't hurt him."

   "Why shouldn't I?" Edward growled as he tightened his grip once more.

   Tears were flowing freely from Nessie's eyes. The pained expression on Jake's face was too much to bare. His face was reddening more and more by the second, his eye bulging slightly. 

   "Please," Jacob gasped, "Please don't kill me."

   "Give us one good reason." Bella seethed.

   "Because I love him!" I cried, Jacob struggled to nod in agreement.

   Edward shook his head slowly, then glance quickly at Bella who nodded slightly. Nessie felt her mother's hand latch onto her neck and jaw, holding it securely in place. Edward pulled Jacob up so that he sat on his knees in front of Ness. Both her parent's eyes were dark and inhuman, like never ending pits of shadows.

   "That's not good enough." Edward breathed.

   Suddenly there was a snap and a strangled scream, as Nessie watched her boyfriend's head fall to the floor. Blood gushing everywhere.

   Bella removed her hands and allowed her daughter to crumple to the floor. Renesmee's hands covered her face, though tears still seeped through somehow. They actually did. They actually killed the one and only thing that made her truly happy.


   As if watching her boyfriend's death wasn't enough. Now she could hear his sickly sweet voice too.


   Tears fell faster and faster. Her entire body began to shake as she ran her fingers slowly through her hair.

   Ness, wake up!"

   Renesmee sat bolt upright in her bed, panting and sweating. She felt warm arms wrap securely around her shoulders. Jacob was whispering soothing nothings lightly in her ear and kissing her hair softly.

   "Don't worry my love, I'm here for you." he murmured, "I'll always be here for you."

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