Wolf Boy

We all know that Jacob and Bella are long time friends. Jacob wants to be more than that. Bella does too. So why can't their undying love flourish? The answer is simple. Edward.

He has also been watching Bella since she was a young little girl, without anyone knowing. He teased her and entrigued her until she had no choice but to fall for him too. Now the time has finally come. Bella has finally a agreed to marry Edward and he entends to hold her to it.

Jacob, on the other hand will, will do anything in his power to stop the love of his life from selling her soul to the devil. Who knew werewolves had the ability to change humans as well?

What if Bella has some secrets of her own? What if she truly doesn't want either of them? I promise this story will be full of 'what if's'.

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10. Come With Me - Please Don't Go

   His teeth sunk slowly into the warm flesh on her neck. Her request was simply too hard to refuse. He would do anything she told him do without thinking twice. Renesmee's body was still, not as single muscle moved. Her arms were still securely around Jacob's waist, gradually tightening as his teeth sunk deeper and deeper into her skin. She seemed pleased, as if she felt pleasure from Jacob's bite. He knew she wouldn't feel any pain from the bite, he knew she loved him. The fact that the bite didn't hurt her only proved that more.

   Once Jacob was satisfied with his mark, he slowly began licking and cleaning it. This bite was larger than the one he inflicted upon Bella, but it was also redder and more pronounced. Jacob liked it that way. He watched as it slowly began to form into a crescent moon shape. The bleeding had long stopped due to Jacob's licking. As gross as that may sound, it speeds up the healing process and coats it with his scent. He is a wolf after all.

  Jacob slowly unwrapped Nessie's arms from his waist. She was snoring lightly, a small grin on her perfectly soft lips. Her red-brown hair flowing over her shoulders. Jacob couldn't help but want to stay a little longer with her. He hated having to sneak around the Cullen's all the time. Jacob just wanted to make her happy, and he knew that he could do that if they would only give him the chance.

  He hated Bella for being so cruel. She teased him and led him on. Then she married Edward and had a daughter with him. Putting Jacob through unbearable pain. Jake finally found someone else and Bella forbids him from being with her. How is that fair? It's not, and Jacob plans on doing something about it.

  Suddenly Jacob felt a hand clamp down on his shoulder. He knew who it was without even looking at their face. Jacob mentally slapped himself for getting so lost in his thoughts. He let his guard down and nothing good ever comes out of that.

  "Can I see you in the living room please?" Edward muttered coldly. 

   Renesmee's POV.

  Nessie woke up to the warm, winter sunshine on her face. The rays of light were reflecting off the mirror, creating shimmery white patterns on the purple walls. She slowly slipped out of her bed, wiggling her toes as they came in contact with the cool floor. Ness shuffled into the bathroom and after doing her business, she examined herself in the mirror. Her hair was sticking up in every direction - not unusual in the mornings - and her lips were slightly swollen.

   "No doubt from kissing Jacob" she thought smugly to herself.

   Renesmee's thoughts of her boyfriend brought back the memories from the night before. Her hand immediately shot up to her neck. She was surprised to find nothing out of the ordinary, her skin felt as smooth as it had before Jake's bite. Maybe even a little more so. Though her skin was unbroken, a red crescent-shaped mark showed just above her collarbone. It was pale, yet still noticeable, especially if you lived in a house full of 60-60 vision vampires. The mark was, however, real looking enough to make people believe it was a tattoo.

   Ness showered, blow dried her hair, and applied some natural make-up before walking into her closet. She slipped into a pair of faded black skinny jeans and a bright red halter-top, despite the cold weather outside. She knew she wouldn't have the need to go outside today. Nessie put on a pair of puppy slippers and then made her way down stairs. Alice and Jasper were talking quietly in the kitchen with Rose and Emmit. Alice seemed anxious and Renesmee could tell Jasper was trying to ease her nerves. Edward and Bella were no where to be found.

   The second Ness walked into the kitchen the conversation was dropped. There eyes couldn't seem to meet her's. Rose and Emmit left in a hurry, something was definitely up.

   "What's going on?" she asked casually, opening the fridge and pouring herself a glass of orange juice.

   "Well, Carlisle and Esme are in town doing some Christmas shopping." Jasper replied calmly.

   "Where's mom and dad?"

   "Urm, well, they're out." he stammered.

   "For heaven's sake!" Alice cried out suddenly, "They're in the basement! Jacob's here!"

   The glass slipped from Nessie hands, spilling orange liquid all over the floor. She darted towards the door that led down into the cellar, only the smack into Jasper's toned chest.

   "Damn him and his vampire speed" Nessie thought.

   "Let me through Jazz." she growled.

   "Edward told me not to." he muttered, "They made me promise."

   Alice came to stand beside Jasper, "They won't hurt him Ness, I promise."

   Suddenly a growl sounded from below them, followed by and wail of pain. Alice frowned and glanced at Jasper, who nodded and stood aside allowing Nessie through. As she walked past Jasper she felt a compression around her brain.

  "Stop trying to calm me down." she muttered, giving Jasper a pointed look.

   Edward's POV. 

   Edward's fist connected with Jacob's jaw, sending the boy over the table and onto the floor.  

   "How dare you go behind my back!" Edward growled as he loomed over the werewolf's crumpled body.

   To say Edward was furious was an understatement. He was positively fuming when he found Jacob in his daughter's room. There weren't words to describe his anger. Edward had escorted Jacob into the basement almost immediately. Bella had followed close behind, not knowing what was going on, she hated being out of the loop.

   "Why can't you just let her be happy?" Jake gasped, wincing in pain.

   "She's 15 years old Jacob!" Bella wailed, "She doesn't know what she wants!"

   "Well I do," he retorted, "She wants me and you both know it."

   They did, they both knew that that's exactly what their daughter wanted. But they also knew that either way, things wouldn't end well. Renesmee is an immortal child, she'll live forever. Jacob won't. Enough said right?

   "Would you stop saying that!" Edward seethed, "You know it's impossible for you two to live a normal, happy life. She's immortal!"

   Suddenly the door flung open, Nessie strut in without giving her parents so much as a glance. She walked straight over to Jacob and helped him up, dabbing the blood on his lip lightly with her sleeve.

   "You guys are wrong," she murmured lightly, "We will live our lives happily."

   "What are you taking about?" they asked in allusion.

   "Mom, Dad," Nessie beamed cheekily, "I'm moving in with Jacob. Goodbye."  



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