love is just a game,right? (1D)

My name is Clara Smith
im 16 years old
your usual teenage loser
i thought i could never love, i guess i was wrong...

When Clara meets the boy of her dreams will her definition of love be changed forever? but love is always just a game right?


6. Smile

" umm...can i borrow a rubber?" I stuttered mentally cursing myself for chickening out.
She looked at me with those bambi eyes and silently handed me a green eraser. " thanks!"
I smiled, her answering smile was perfect. Pink,heart shaped lips parting over straight white teeth and curving into a single dimple on her left cheek. I figured I hadn't seen her smile yet, well not a genuine smile. She tried to run her long fingers casually through her curls and winced as they got stuck on a tangle about halfway though. She blushed as I laughed, I stared at her until her effort to keep a straight face finally shattered, letting out a small giggle! I've made her smile!!!! I tried to talk to her again!
" he-y" stupidly my voice broke halfway. I'd never had trouble talking to girls, I was Niall horan for goodness sake. The majority of my fan base were teenage girls!
"Uh, are you talking to me!" She asked looking over her shoulder to check.
"Sure, I'm uh Niall"


"Sure, I'm uh Niall" he answered. I suddenly noticed I was staring deep into his perfect bright blue eyes, I looked away at my nails. Of course he was Niall! It's not like I hadn't noticed the guy from one direction was sitting next to me! I wasn't one to fangirl but there's a first time for everything...I started hyperventilating slightly as the thought sunk in. Breathe Clara breathe. I looked back at his face his beautiful face, and lost my train of thought. He really was kinda cute...I guess. He'd made me laugh! No one except my brother has made me smile in a long time, did that mean something? I bit my tongue to stop myself saying something stupid. A thought stopped me suddenly, how did he know my name? Oh, he'd probably heard the teasing. But I still couldn't fathom why he was talking to me! He was still waiting for an answer.
" oh I know who you are!" Damn... I shouldn't have said that! Me and my big mouth!
He tried very hard not to laugh.
" I mean,well, uh, I'm Clara..." I stuttered, how did my use of proper grammar fade slowly away to the abyss? My stomach fluttered slightly at his gaze.
I looked away trying not to look at him, trying VERY hard not to look at him. He looked confused and slightly hurt maybe? I instantly felt bad. " why are you talking to ME?" I asked softly as the teacher turned her back to the class to write on the board. " um.. I'm not sure to be honest? Are you ok, you've been crying." He whispered, eyes locked on my face. How did he know? Are you stupid Clara, you probably look like hell, my subconscious answered involuntarily. The teacher turned back to the class and I sighed with relief at having an excuse to turn away!
"Cla-" was all he managed before the bell rung a loud, shrill ring. I got up and walked towards the door, eyes locked onto the grey,wearing carpet! A soft hand wrapped around my wrist, I turned meeting a pair of ice blue eyes.
My heartbeat raced and pounded against my rib cage so hard I thought it would burst out of my chest! I've never, ever felt this way before. What did it mean? I know what it means, my brain answered against my will. I ignored it.
"what Niall?" I snapped, I didn't know this popster, what was he doing? Three guys were making their way towards us. The rest of the boys.
" Hey, Niall!" Harry shouted towards us from half way down the hall. I gently disengaged his hold from my arm, placing a hand on top of his I slid my wrist away. I faked a quick smile and turned my back, walking swiftly away. Heart still hammering...


Clara carefully slid my hand off my arm, smiled and walked away. I couldn't help noticing how her fingers shook against mine.
"C'mon, niiiiaaaalllll," Liam whined pulling comically at my arm. I didn't even try to fake a grin. We walked silently to the canteen, I could feel their gaze on me the entire way!
"Hey Niall, u want some pizza I heard its good?" Harry teased like normal, earlier everything was so normal! How drastically did this change! I was such an idiot I should have talked to her when I had the chance! Wait, how did Clara get into my head?
" Niall?"
" uh, it's ok ill just have a juice." I said pulling a small carton of apple juice from the canteen shelf.
Harry and Liam looked swiftly between each other quizzical expressions on thier faces. They said nothing else, if they did I didn't notice. Clara looked so sad.... I shook my head trying to clear it. A crowd of girls soon gathered around our now crowded table. I felt a sudden wave of claustrophobia. Girls asked for autographs, pictures, hugs and anything else they could think of.
" you know what dude, I'm gonna go for walk" I whispered into Liam's ear. He nodded looking worried as I walked out of the door into the fresh air.


" he got it bad..." I muttered to Liam who was still looking at the door where Niall had disappeared. Was this about that Clara girl? We didn't even know who the hell she was like 6 hours ago.
" he got it reeaall bad!"
I mean she was pretty I guess. Not stunningly beautiful. I didn't know why he was so hung up about it, he went on all morning about how she looked so sad... This was bad, this was very bad! Niall refusing food, OUR Niall refusing food? Hmm we can't have this. I think it's time for us boys to put our matchmaking skills to the test.

I won't be able to post tomorrow sorry! Hope you enjoyed- lurrvvee Camila xoxo
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