love is just a game,right? (1D)

My name is Clara Smith
im 16 years old
your usual teenage loser
i thought i could never love, i guess i was wrong...

When Clara meets the boy of her dreams will her definition of love be changed forever? but love is always just a game right?


4. Scars...

I took a deep shuddering breath as I struggled to control the sooty,hot tears cascading down my cheeks. I looked at the sobbing girl staring back at me through the cracked school mirror. I hadn't felt this bad since... I pushed the thought out of my head,it was way too hideous to remember. I splashed my red,blotchy face with icy water and shivered slightly. I've been in school for what 3 minutes. C'mon pull yourself together Clara! I couldn't believe I was standing here, in the bathroom crying like a 2 year old! I was 16 for goodness sake. They couldn't hurt me anymore than I already was! I was broken,damaged goods...
My eyes smarted slightly as the realisation that I was broken, and no one could ever fix me.its not like they didn't try. They did they really did, my parents sent me to therapist over therapist. They didn't help. At least I won't have to be in one of those squeaky,brown, hard chairs while a stranger asks questions even I don't know the answer to! I bet you're wondering why I was broken, why I went to therapy, why my parents watched me nervously from the corner of their eyes and why I would never tell anyone, not a single soul.... I could never love, not what after a jerk cheated on me! Cheated on me with guess who? My BEST friend, yeah he went that low. I gave him everything I had! I gave him my love, my heart, even my virginity. He didn't give me anything but hurt in return.
I promised myself from that day I would never love anyone ever again. Even though that ordeal tore me up into tiny unrecognisable pieces, that wasn't the reason for the therapy or the glares
The bell sounded the start of the school day and the start of the real torture...
I sat bouncing in the hard plastic chair as I tried to get the thought of brown eyes, curly hair and tear stained cheeks out of my head. I'd been split up from the boys for science and I couldn't ignore the squeals of excitement and extreme flirting of the girls around me.
As I was pondering whether I should ditch the rest of the day the room seemed to become harder,meaner somehow? The atmosphere changed from ' trying to impress the new guy' to almost bitchy?! I looked up from the notebook I was doodling on and my heart almost stopped... It was the girl! Clara? Her eyes were clouded and bloodshot. She looked like she has been crying again. Again I had the urge to hug this beautiful stranger! She was walking towards me, my stomach fluttered slightly. She sat down in the only empty seat in the room the seat next to me!

The rest of the lesson resulted in me trying to not stare at this girl! I finally allowed myself a peek. She raised her hand to answer a question, and my heart stopped. Her grey varsity jacket had slipped down her slim tanned arm exposing perfect skin excluding the 4 long,ivory scars spaced evenly, stretched horizontally along her left wrist. Are those what I thought they were? If they were what could drive someone to that extreme? I felt myself getting angry. What was up with me today? What happened to the cool, collected, joker Niall I knew only this morning?
She turned and caught me eye, she looked surprised to find me staring. Until, she followed my gaze to the bare skin of her forearm. She blushed widely and looked down pulling her sleeve down as far as it would go. She looked so small, so dainty and fragile compared to the harsh world surrounding her. I felt my nose prick slightly and my eyes well up. I could not be crying? I was a 18 year old boy for crying out loud! But my heart pounded hard and healthy in my chest as I looked at her and I felt nothing but love...
Again she turned and caught my gaze those chocolate brown eyes, even hidden behind glasses smouldered and melted into mine. I stopped myself. What? love? I couldn't love her I knew her for what a day? I hadn't even spoken to her! I figured I would soon change that
" Clara?" .....

Authors notes:
Ok guys, I wrote some more seeing as I was bored and I has it all planned in my head and knowing me I would forget! Hope you enjoyed more drama coming soon love you guys - love camila Xbox
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