love is just a game,right? (1D)

My name is Clara Smith
im 16 years old
your usual teenage loser
i thought i could never love, i guess i was wrong...

When Clara meets the boy of her dreams will her definition of love be changed forever? but love is always just a game right?


3. niall horan

nialls pov:

i opened my eyes, the light coming in from the small windows blinded me momentarily untill my sleepy eyes adjusted. today was my first day at school, great just great! my stomach rumbled sligjtly at the smell of pacakes coming in through the door of the room i shared with harry...

"FOOOOOOOD" i yelled sprinting down the hall and jumping from halfway down the stairs. i landed on my feet!

"uber super ninja attttttaaaaaccccckkkkk!!!!" i yelled kipping merrily into the crowded kitchen

"hello my little leprechaun..." Harry said ruffling my blonde hair, as he talked we could all see the food churning away inside his mouth. i sighed and piled about 5 pancakes onto my plate and settled down happily into a chair.

"wheres liam?" 

"god knows, probably on the phone to danielle" louis replied yawning widely.

hmm, i thought they broke up? no one tells me anything anymore... i looked at the clock 7:34 god, its early!

"OH MY GOOOOOD ITS DARK" Harry yelled looking out the window, sometimes harry was stoopid with two oo's! i was not a morning person.

"why do we have to take the bus?" i groaned thinking of being tackled to the ground by hundreds of screaming, teenage girls...

"because my little nialler, zayn and louis are taking the car,the poos!" harry narrowed his eyes jokingly at the half asleep louis which was currently resting his head on the wooden table.

i dont see why we had to go to school! it was only for a month anyways! no point whatsoever. we were taking a break from tour by staying with louis and his mum in doncaster! I still dont see why we couldnt just take a few weeks off to be teenage boys! i groaned internally thinking of algebra and geometry! maths really wasnt my best subject!

" you know, we're gonna miss the bus!" i commented interupting harry and louis' conversation about who was a better dancer.

liam stumbled down the stairs, eyes half closed and his hair standing up on end! for some reason the sight of him made me want to burst out laughing!

"harry-poos, can you give me a piggy back to the bus stop...pweeeeeeaaaasssseee!" i asked as nicely as i could widening my eyes and jutting out my bottom lip in the cutest way i could manage.

"oh ni-" he started

"i asked nicely!" i smiled as big as i could, wrapping my arms around harrys neck as tightly as i could.

a few minutes later we headed out the door, our hoodies and sunglasses at the ready and me clinging to harrys back! when we got to the bus he pushed me off him panting heavily! We climbed on, heads down glasses on...

"uh...three returns please?" liam asked quietly. the bus driver handed us our tickets and sped off down the street!

i could see a small girl at the next stop. On her face a funny mixture of annoyance,disgustment, and impatiance. i grinned silently to myself...

As the girl stepped onto the bus i could see her face properly! she really was pretty! dark curls and brown eyes, she had perfect olive skin and cute nerd glasses on her straight nose! When she stepped on the bus her body went flying, silver coins spiralled onto the floor and the cute glasses slid off her nose and landed on the acrylic floor of the bus. i could see the blush in her cheeks and the tears of probably embarrasment in her eyes as the driver gently hurried her! i leant down to scoop the coins and glasses of the ground and into the smooth,long hands! when our hands touched i swear i could feel my stomach flip and my heart beat quicken. what was this? i knew her for what 3 seconds!? she didnt even look up at me as she took her things and paid the bus driver quietly. the bus set off quickly,making me jump slightly. 

"clum-sy clara clum-sy clara!" the students behind me chorused loudly. so,it was one of those schools! that wasnt nice. that wasnt nice at all! it looked like this girl was trying very hard not to cry! i felt an urge of protectiveness towards this small sniffling teenage girl. i didnt know why but i had a feeling this would be a long month...

sorry its REALLY bad i did it in a hurry, ill try and post one a day! but im going back to school this weeks and i dont know if ill be able too! ill try my best ~ love camila xox

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