love is just a game,right? (1D)

My name is Clara Smith
im 16 years old
your usual teenage loser
i thought i could never love, i guess i was wrong...

When Clara meets the boy of her dreams will her definition of love be changed forever? but love is always just a game right?


1. first day...



I stumbled blindly down the stairs, having given up on my endless quest for matching, clean socks. I hopped madly on one foot while trying to brush out my curls and stuff my feet into my vans at the same time…I didn’t succeed! I flashed a quick glance toward the clock, 7:49.

“damn it!”  I grumbled to myself, great I looked a mess and I would get detention, what a wonderful start of the year! I sneaked a last glance at myself in the full length mirror in front of me. I grimaced at my knee length denim cut offs and light blue tank top. I grabbed my old grey varsity jacket of the hook and grabbed a breakfast banana on my way out of the door! The knob came off in my hand…

“MUM, this place is bloody falling apart!” I yelled up the stairs where my adopted parents attempted to stuff my little brother into his outfit for playschool.

“love you too honey!” my mother could be sarcastic at the best of times. Sigh. I sprinted out of the door, my eyes glued to the grainy, grey concrete of the pavement I ran down. I almost cried with relief when I finally got to the empty bus stop, the bus still at the traffic lights around the corner. Well, it was empty excluding the spotty, greasy haired boys spitting flem and kicking around a can of beer they found! Idiots. the bus pulled up in front of me. As usual as I stepped onto the hallway of the bus I scrambled and went flying onto my hands and knees , my coins went sprawling around me! To make it worse my thick glasses began to slip down my nose and fell on to the floor!

“come on, love” the bus driver said softly, even his soft, gentle words made the tears threaten to pool in my  brown eyes. A large,soft hand handed me my coins and glasses . I could feel the stares of my fellow passengers burning a hole in the back of my head. “um…thanks,” I muttered quietly and paid the bus man with a sigh! I didn’t even bother to look up at the person who the hand belonged to.

clum-sy clara, clum-sy clara!”

I sniffled and blinked hard! Why did they have to be so mean? My life wasn’t perfect, they knew that....


should i carry on?? This is my first movella and i dont want to write if nobodys reading! i know its boring so far, but it will get better i promise! ~ love Camila xox

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