love is just a game,right? (1D)

My name is Clara Smith
im 16 years old
your usual teenage loser
i thought i could never love, i guess i was wrong...

When Clara meets the boy of her dreams will her definition of love be changed forever? but love is always just a game right?


2. clara smith


 I was adopted, I didn’t even know my real mothers name! I was given up at birth so Marie and Paul, to me were my parents and I loved them more than anything. The thing is they didn’t think they could have kids! That’s why they adopted me, only to end up 12 years later with their own baby boy! Im 15, and Ive never had a boyfriend, or even a group of friends! I mean I had friends when I was a cute toddler and stuff, but I was basically friendless! I ate lunch with my best friend  and my room was my sanctuary and music my life.

Not to mention I wasn’t the prettiest girl in the world. Well, understatement of the CENTURY! My hair was a curly, frizzy birds nest, my eyes,a plain brown colour framed with black,thin eyelashes. My skin was a smooth pale tan from the summer in dubai that my parents had treated me to after passing my S.A.Ts with an above average score.

I blinked,were we at school already? Apparently so. I stepped carefully out of the bus minding my step on the steep stairs. I ran quickly into the bathroom to try to clean myself up! Not even been in school for 2 minutes and I was already crying, what a pushover! this was my first day  in year 10, and I had promised myself it would be a good one!

“Clara, Clara?  Are you in here?” I heard the smooth voice of my only friend in this hellhole, Cassie! I sniffed quietly and clenched my teeth together. She didn’t have to see me like this.

“Clara, I know you’re in there I saw you come in!” her voice was tempting and quiet! I gave up and creaked open the door of the small cubicle.

sorry its short guys i have to go out when i come back ill wirte another one!!! ~love camila xox

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