Sequel to My Love For Louis.


2. Cheater cheater Carrot Eater

Cassidy's POV

I opened the door slowly. Then I couldn't believe what I heard/saw. I saw a beautiful girl sitting on a chair with a candle-lit table. "Oh Lou your so sweet. To make this for me" maybe it's just his sister. " Your welcome EL." I saw him come out with food on a plate in his hand. He came in and starting making out with the girl. NOT HIS SISTER. " I can't believe you" I screamed. "He looked up and yelled. "How dare you ruin my date. I don't even know you." I ran out with tears streaming down my face. I ran in an ally. I can't believe Lou did that. Speak of the devil. " I'm really sorry but I don't even know you." He said. " Well I know you your a cheater."I said. "C-C-C-assidy." "When did this happen.""I never broke up with her." "Well just to let you know we are over and are never getting back together." I ran away to a hidden park and called Niall. He was the only one who knows where this park is. "Niall can you come to the hidden park and picked me up. Lou cheated on me with a girl named El." " I AM GOING TO KILL HIM- " " Niall it's ok." "Fine only if you say so. And El is his 'ex'." " So that was the girl he was supposed to marry?" " Yep he probably never broke up with him" " Ok but can you pick me up now." "Sure do you want to go to your own flat." "That would be nice." "Ok I'll be there in 5 mins." Ï waited 4 mins." Thank you"I said as we got in his car.

A/N sorry it was a short chapter. More surprises coming along.

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