Sequel to My Love For Louis.


1. Breakfast and in a hurry

Cassidy's POV

So 4 months past. Me and Louis are back together only dating. We decided to start from the beginning. Every are still friends. And Niall and Jessica aren't back together. The saddest part is Dani and Liam broke up! So sad. I moved out of Louis's flat and got my own for privacy  I woke up in the morning to loud laughs and the smell of pancakes. I quickly brushed my teeth and ran downstairs. " Look's like sleeping Beauty is awake."Harry exclaimed. I laughed. Then everyone joined in."Whats for breakfast" "Pancakes." I ran in the kitchen, grabbed a plate and 5 pancakes. " Woah somebody's hungry." Niall said. "Well I didn't eat dinner."I said. Niall gasped. "Louis are you starving her???!!!" Niall said. " No she said she wasn't hungry" Louis deafened himself.  Everyone laughed. After half an hour everyone was going to stay and make lunch. It was 2:30! But that stopped when Lou said." What time is it?" " 2:30" "Uh- Oh everyone leaved now my .......... Mom is coming over to get lunch and see whats happening she wants to see me alone!"Said Lou. "Ok everyone can go in my flat." His left eye twitched.  I said. Only Niall agreed. Niall drove us to my flat. When we got in we sat on a couch. " Niall, you know when Lou lies his left eye twitches." "Ya I saw it." "Me too, he probably wanted some alone time." "Ya maybe you should go over and surprise him.""Ya I should. I'm gonna get ready now so leave." "Ok ok" He leaved. I hopped in to the shower and took a quick shower. Then i got changed into something casual. When i got to his house I was speechless. Lies all lies.

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