miss smarty pants

Crystal is the school smarty pants but Tracey beleives it to be all a lie is Crystal a real smarty pants or is she just a cheat but when mr.new,mr.popular begins school Crystal becomes slightly distracted and they all find out WHO miss/mr smarty pants is...


1. mr.popular coming through

Crystal was beleived to be the schools smarty pants but one girl is not fooled, Tracey her name was short blond hair and blue eyes where as Crystal had long black hair and green eyes it was the day of Maths Test no calculators allowed the test started  Shaynah, Crystals sister was sweating because she wasnt so smart as her sister she knew absolutley none of the answers she tried peeping at Crystals paper but miss Bloom noticed she immediatley disqualified her. Tracey had a glimpse under Crystals table to find a calculator in her hand she put her hand up and told miss Bloom, Crystal heard her tell so she put it back in her black and pink lonsdale bag.At the right end of the test Mrs Eldine walked in with a new boy who is just starting his name was Jake short brown hair with dark blue eyes most of the girls gasped in love including miss smarty pants Tracey had no care in the world about boys and plus she lives with a load of them so no boy intrested her.


 was the name Mr Greenwood chose he is the schools head teacher this school was very posh indeed,

"oh my i think im in love" Crystal said

"yeah in love with cheating"Tracey said

"your just jelous!" exclaimed Crystal

"yeah, in your dreams"

these two were practically enemys and would do anything to make the school hate the other...

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