things like this never last

a young girl tiffany and her two best friends delphine and Crystal meet this boy who works at the pet shop all three stumble over him and it seems like this friendship will never last...


1. this boy is no boy

Tiffany sighed heavily while resting her head in her hands,

"whats wrong Tiffany?" questioned Crystal

"this place is oh so boring"

"i agree" said Delphine.

suddenly a boy walked past they all gasped in love

"woah whos new boy?" asked Crystal

he walked into the local pet shop,

"an animal fanatic, i see" said Tiffany

"well i must dash i have to pick up dog food seeya" Crystal said

"OMG! is Crystal seriously falling for him?" Delphine replied...

"yeah, i, i, think soooo, i mean we dont even know him"

the both of them walked in to see Crystal starring at him with her Crystal eyes she does when she likes something or in this case someone

"Five pounds" said jake the shop boy who they had all fallen for

"no way, nobody ever does that to Tiffanys crush!"

"Tiffany , i wouldnt if i were you ,you know how Crystal acts if you interfear!" shouted Delphine who wasnt so intrested in him

but Tiffany never heard , Crystal went mad they all left the shop all going their seperate ways is their friendship broken because of one stupid boy?

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