It Was All Just A Miracle (Justin Bieber Love Story)

“I’m going to kiss you as soon as I see you love. Just remember to have a sign with the name Justin on it okay.” he said.
“I will. I will see you soon. I love you”
“I love you too. See you soon babe.”

That was the guy that I had been talking to for the last month. The guy with the adorable, sexy british voice. I have never met him before or seen him but long story short I went to call one of my friends but I dialed the wrong number. This guy started talking to me but as I was about to leave he told me to stay, so we ended up talking for like 3 hours. 2 weeks later he asked me out and I said yes. He said that he had a very busy schedule and that we would meet on the 4th December. Which was today. I’m very excited but nervous to meet him. I have to pick him up from the airport.


3. Chapter 2 - Why The British Accent?

When we got to Starbucks he took me over to a table and he order us two hot chocolates. When the girl came over to give us our drinks he started explaining everything. “Well.. When you accidentally called me and you started saying sorry, I couldn’t just let you go, I had to talk to you more and I knew that we would end up being friends.” I started smiling. “Really?” I asked. “Yeah, but I guess you would really want to know why I spoke in a British accent the whole time.” “Yeah I do.” “Okay, well a few minutes before I answered your call, Ryan had dared me to speak in a different accent when someone called me. So I did. But when I asked for your number so that we could talk again, I didn’t want to call you and speak to you in my own voice because I thought you would figure out who I was or you would think that I am weird.” 


I could help but just smile at him. I didn’t really mind that he used an accent the whole time but I was really proud that he managed to do it the whole time. “Wow. I’m just surprise that you managed to speak in an accent the whole time.” I giggled at bit and then he looked at me differently. Like I had done something wrong. “What?” I asked. “You’re so cute when you laugh.” “Aw, now my cheeks are turning pink!” I leaned down into his chest with my head down in embarrassment. He lifted my head up and looked directly into my eyes. “Don’t look down, you still look beautiful when you blush.” I didn’t know what to say so I just smiled at him and hugged him tightly. “I’m just still surprised that I’m dating the one and only Justin Bieber. I was and still am the biggest fan ever!” He looked down at me, smiled and kissed my forehead. 


“Hey would you like to come to my hotel with me?” He asked. “Yeah, I would love to.” He stood up and took my hand when I got up. He held on to my hand all the way to the car. We both got into the backseat while Kenny drove us to the hotel that Justin was staying at. “Hey, guess what?” Justin asked. “What?” I smiled. “You’re beautiful” I giggled. “Aw, well you’re handsome.” I smiled at him and he leaned closer to me. “Am I aloud to kiss you yet?” He asked me as he gave me a cheeky smile. “I guess so.” I smile and leaned in closer. He closed the gap between us and pressed his lips on to mine. It was our second kiss but it still felt like out first. I had the same feeling when he kissed me at the airport. Butterflies and fireworks exploding in my stomach. He moved his hands on to my waist and I put my hands around his neck. We pulled away and he pulled me into a hug. 




We walked into Justin’s hotel room and he lead us towards the couch. He turned the t.v on but we didn’t really focus on it. He leaned in and kissed me. As we kissed I suddenly had all my nightmares come rushing into my mind. I pulled away and my eyes became watery. “Whats wrong beautiful?” He asked. “Can I tell you later? I’m just really tired at the moment.” He turned the t.v off. “Yeah of course babe, come with me.” I just wanted to tell him everything, but I couldn't because I was too scared that he would leave me. As we walked into his bedroom I went straight into his bed and pulled the covers over me. “Do you want me to cuddle you babe?” He asked “Yes please.” I replied. He got into the bed and moved closer to me and wrapped his arms around me. I leaned my head against his chest and soon fell asleep. 



Hey guys I hope you like this chapter. I know it was probably boring but it gets interesting in the next chapter. I will try to update tomorrow, if not i will definitely update the next day. 
Love you guys! xx 

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