Liv,Taya,Cleo are three just normal teenaged girls with a very bad lost memory , the bit of memory they had lost is the memory of their other five best friends Liam,Niall,Louis,Harry and Zayn will they ever remember?. Lets hope they find out. :)


1. Wideland


Today is a normal friday sport,spelling test and other junk but i felt special today but why?

I was walking down to the bus stop down the street when i heard this " LIV LIV IT'S ME LIAM!!!" said a person i shot my head around and their was that person who was calling my name he was running towards me so i kept running towards the bus stop and while i was running i saw Taya and Cleo so spritend to them " HAY " i yelled well i must of scared them because they were shaken like hell " LIVVVVV  we haven't seen you in ages " they said back " yeah i know right , i just got to tell yous something well before i saw you this person i think named liam yelled my name " i said kind of scared and freaked out " OMGG " Taya said with sterm.

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