Liv,Taya,Cleo are three just normal teenaged girls with a very bad lost memory , the bit of memory they had lost is the memory of their other five best friends Liam,Niall,Louis,Harry and Zayn will they ever remember?. Lets hope they find out.


4. What happend? again

Taya's POV

wait what did he just say that he was one of us girls best friends. But i don't remember a crash at all " are you sure your not making this up because if you are your in big trouble by the sounds of your name Niall?" i said not happily " i'm sure i didn't " he said more softly " well i fell sorry for you : i said while walking away i felt proud of my self

Liz's POV

When i was walking over to the english area and what ever you call it as i was walking in to sit down and study a tight grip on my arm pulled me away must like that the next hing i know it's black pitch black like i have been knock out an i suppose that has happend

Cleo's POV

i was in the science unit and working on a cemical while i was doing that a person came up from behind and placed a hand around my mouth and nose i struggled to breath in a matter of secs i'm out

Taya's POV

I got down in the libery away from that creepy Niall guy and started to study when it just went black


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