Liv,Taya,Cleo are three just normal teenaged girls with a very bad lost memory , the bit of memory they had lost is the memory of their other five best friends Liam,Niall,Louis,Harry and Zayn will they ever remember?. Lets hope they find out.


3. Niall Horan?.


I can't belive she didn't go towards him?.It was unquestionable what she did , he could mean alot to her!.All i've gotta say is i would go.I would need to know what that strange boy wanted.I wonder if he was cute?.Well , i still am single waiting for the right person.I'm young though , i really feel lonely.I need a boyfriend to cuddle , help and please me when i really want him.I would love that.


I smiled at my thoughts and looked back over to the girl sitting across from me.Liv.


"Livvy?" thats what i call her.She forrowed her eye-brow.


"Yes love" she smiled at me.


"Please , why didn't you talk to that boy? tell me the truth? , does he mean something to you?.Or is he just a random that knows your name? , i really need to know.I'm one of your bestfriends!" she consentrated on me and looked conserned.


"I actually.....remember his voice.He seems farmilier , i wanted to hide the truth from you.I'm so sorry" she started to confess , finally what i was looking for.


"Don't lie , ever again to me.Please! you're one of my best friends.I still love you dearly!" i confessed to her.

She smiled at me then went back to her book.Nice one.


The bus went to a stop.We all huddled together , trieing to get out of the bus.We finally got out and looked around.We were searhing for a libary.To study for our final exams.We are in year twelve now.I really wanna take a career in vocal , dancing or vet.So i have to study hard , even if vocal doesn't work out but why not try?.


After a few minutes of fighting , talking and walking.We found the place we were wanting.My feet ached as we walked inside the tall building.


"I'm going to the science unit" yelled Cleo.I shushed her as she walked away.


"I shall be going to the English unit" smiled Liv happily.

Okay just leaves me then?.Where should i go off to?.Maybe the art.I continually questioned myself , i finally settled on the art unit.

I started to walked towards when i saw a cute blond haired boy sitting reading a book.I decided not to bother him.


"Taya!" he screamed , the libary shushed him as he walked over to me.He grabbed my arm.


"Who the hell are you! don't touch me" i yancked my arm back.He looked worried , like something bad has happened.


"Taya? you don't remember me?" he looked astonished , i felt sorry for the poor guy.But instead of hugging him i shook my head.I gaped at what he should say , maybe what he will say!.


"Taya , me.You , four other boys? bestfriends! you went missing and left the school!" i gaped , thats what i didn't want to hear.I was in a crash?. What happened to me?.


"What's your name?" i asked him , my mind racing.


"Niall Horan" he said proudly while puffing his chest up.

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