Liv,Taya,Cleo are three just normal teenaged girls with a very bad lost memory , the bit of memory they had lost is the memory of their other five best friends Liam,Niall,Louis,Harry and Zayn will they ever remember?. Lets hope they find out.


5. Kidnapped.


I woke up , my head hurting so much i could die.

I had a migrain.A pretty bad one too.I looked at my surroundings.It wasn't that bad.But i just wanted to go home.White isn't my type of colour.


"Taya?" i whispered , trieing to hear her voice.

I heard nothing.Nothing.Not even birds cherping.


A tear rolled down my cheek , i wanted to know where my friends were and where i was too.I wish i never went to the libary.I wished.


"She's awake" i heard whispers coming from the white door.A husky voied hummed loudly.


"What do you want with me?" i cried out , only to hear more whispers.

The door knob turned , opening the door.

A boy with curly hair stood there.


"I'm so sorry Liv" he tried to smile at me while sitting next to me.I instantly moved away from the boy.


"Who...who are you?" i faintly whispered.He sighed.


"Your bestfriend , well once" he said while standing up.His husky voice surrounding me.


'I was your bestfriend?" i questioned him , i could never imagine that.He nodded slightly.


"The band have descussed what we think could have happen , to you and your friends.Taya is beautiful , you all are.I know you think 'who the hell are they?'".He stopped , he deeply exhaled then continued.


"You might have lost your memory".He face-palmed and whimpered.I wanted to comfort him but he wasn't my type and i never even knew him.


"I couldn't have" i laughed at him.He put a frown on his pale face.


"I couldn't have! i remember everything! EVERTYTHING" i screamed at him.That only mad him worse.


"Boys please come in" he called.They walked in , one by one.


"Hi Liv" another boy smiled at me , about to hug me but i pushed him away.Only recieving mean glares.


"I wanna know your names , and where i am? , where are my friends!".I cried to them.


One boy looked to another.


"I'm Harry" he coughed and looked back to me.


"I'm Liam" his comforting smile made me feel at home.No no no! this is not your home.Liv take control.I mentally slapped myself and continued to listen.


"I'm Niall" his blue eyes shining.


"I'm Louis" he smiled reassured me.God Liv , what the hell are you saying?.


"And i'm Zayn" he pulled his hand through his wavy hair.


" Now tell me where my friends are" they smiled at me.


"They are safe , we would never hurt them.They're asleep in them two rooms right across you" 'Niall' told me.


I got up and opened the door to their rooms.They slept peacefully.


I crept back out.


"Where am i?" i questioned them again while standing beside my bedside table.


"Can't tell" 'Louis' said.Why not?.

I started to laugh , they can but they won't.I was never friends with them.



"Food" i said while holding my stomach.Liam stood up and walked out of the room.Soon they all left me.



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