A little to late

Everybody knows that when Bella whent to James she was bit on her wrist and saved by Edward Cullen but what if he had been to late and Bella was already a vampire.
For the twilight competition.


1. The death of Bella Swan

everybody knows to die in the place of someone you love seems like a good way to go.
I enter the ballet studio it was a trick . I saw his eyes as he looked into mine , he took my wrist ,
" with skills such as yours I'm surprised your precious Cullens didn't turn you " with that he bit me.
I remember the pain it was like someone had set me on fire . I wanted to scream out for somebody to kill me but I couldn't find my voice .
The flames somehow grew hotter and hotter . My body was tingling under the heat .
Just then I heard a smash of glass and a feral snarl . He was here my love , my vampire , my Edward Cullen .
" steep away from my Bella" he growled
The pain was becoming more excruciating. I heard more voices then a loud crack . I knew this sound , it was the sound of a vampire dying. Was he ok , was Edward alive , were is he I thought.
" Carlisle quickly we haven't got much time , it's almost over" the voice of Alice echoed through the studio.
A shadow appeared over me , was it him was it my Edward were was he.
The cool finger tip touched the side of my neck.
" were to late " said Carlisle.
Then I heard his voice , he was ok.
" NO , Carlisle there must be a way " he shouted . He then added " I don't want this for her ".
" I'm sorry son it's too late she will wake soon , we have to get her out of here " he said in a rush.
Then I felt myself being swept of my feet and being cradled in someone's arms.
I didn't want to be a vampire I thought to myself.
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