A little to late

Everybody knows that when Bella whent to James she was bit on her wrist and saved by Edward Cullen but what if he had been to late and Bella was already a vampire.
For the twilight competition.


2. Bella

my eyes flashed open to the familiar setting of the Cullen house . I could hear everything , from the baseball game on the telly, to the music of the cars cars on the motor way .
I looked up at the White ceiling,
" Bella" somebody decide me said . It was Alice.
I sat up to smile at her . Then she touched my skin , I gasped with shock as her skin was not cold and hard but warm and soft.
I growled at her as I zoomed to the window ,
" Bella?" she asked as she steeped closer to me .
' No ! I don't want to be ' my eyes couldn't hold the tears of pain I cried inside .
I looked towards the window and jumped I ran into the forests like a bolt of lightning . I didn't look back to see if I was being followed , I just ran.
Who was I , I thought to myself that was my new sister I just ran from.
I stopped at a large tree I climbed it and sat on the top branch. The view was beautiful it reminded of me the time Edward took me up here.
I look down I could see the house.

I began to cry tears that my new frozen face could no longer produce. It was irritating I should of been in tears right now curled up with Edward and letting him tell me its going to be ok.
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