Valerie, 17 years old, and doesn't know what's happening to her.

There's something wrong, but she just can't figure it out. Is it her past, is it what she doesn't know? The blanks in her memory? Something's changing, she can feel it. Valerie's always been different to other girls, temptingly aggressive, charming and confident. And by now, she's used to boys, and has dealt with cute, flirty, and sweet all before.
But with the new boy next door, and every other weird thing happening in her life, Valerie's not sure she can keep up.

This is a fanfiction, but doubles with supernatural so it'll be a little bit different.
Hopefully you guys like it anyway c:
I actually wrote this one for my little sister, since she loved One Direction, but most of the other things I write are completely different, so I suppose I hope you like them too!


2. Slight Explanations.

Zayn's P.O.V

 I started to unpack my things, dumping just about all my clothes onto my new bed. What a mess, I murmured under my breath. I quickly walked to another box, attempting to avoid sorting out all my clothes, and ripping the tape holding it closed. Mums stuff? I sighed, picked up the box and dumped it outside my door. I caught a glimpse of the view from my open window; It seemed as though most of the houses were built the same way because I could see straight through into another room in the house across from mine. I walked over to the window to get a better look, and just as I got there, I saw Valerie walk past the window. I ducked quickly, slipping on a piece of tape and landing face first onto the floor, had she seen me? I laughed under my breath, rubbing my now throbbing nose and thinking back to when she unknowingly walked into the kitchen without pants this morning, I myself didn’t mind, but I’d never seen anyone run out of a kitchen so fast.

I slowly peered up and over the windowsill, catching a glimpse of her sorting some books at the end of her bed. I wondered about her, she seemed so different to anyone I’d met before. When she walked back into the kitchen this morning, I caught my first proper glimpse of her, and was taken by surprise when I realised how beautiful she was. She had long, brown and purple tinged hair that fell gently over her exposed shoulder. She had dark, definite brown eyes with long eyelashes that flickered slowly as she looked at me. Her expression was focused; I felt a slight shiver as I watched her eyes move down from my face, to my shoulders. She wore a red knit jumper, which properly framed her slim figure, and black shorts that showed off her slightly tanned legs perfectly. I moved my gaze up to her face, catching her as she unconsciously bit her lip and flicked her eyes up to meet mine. Mm, yum.

I smirked at the image of her, she looked so challenging, but alluring and sexy at the same time. Coming out of my daydream a little, I saw her stand, and with this I ducked my head down further, careful to make sure she didn’t see me.
“How long are you going to lay on the floor for? I wonder.” I heard her say mockingly from her window.
How did she see me?
I quickly got to my feet, “I wasn’t spying.” I replied hastily.
“No?” She giggled at me, and sat down on her windowsill.
I sighed, and let a little smirk flash across to her, “Hey, I’m new, no picking on the new boy, right?"
“Mm I don’t know… you seem like such an easy target.” She replied, returning the smirk just as easily as I gave it.
She’s really bloody attractive.
I pushed the thought from my mind, and scrambled for words to reply with.
“What are you up to, anyway?” I blurted out, taking the time to calm my voice.
“I was sorting out what books I had to take back to the library tomorrow, and you?”
“Just unpacking.” Good, I don’t sound so nervous anymore.
“That doesn’t sound like much fun.” She said, getting up swiftly and piling the books up on her bed. 
I feel like I’m embarrassing myself, she doesn’t even seem like she wants to talk to me?

“Do you want me to leave you to it?” I said, making my voice sound as unaffected as possible.
“Oh, no need. Tell me about you.” She replied, not lifting her gaze even once from her books.
What do I say?
“I moved here for winter break, sort of to get away from all the commotion..” I let my voice trail off, I didn’t really feel like talking much about the band, she hadn’t even mentioned anything about it.
“What commotion?” She replied, finally looking up at me and moving over to lean against the window.
“Well, I’m in a band so, it’s pretty busy.”
“What band?”
“One Direction.”
It was silent for a moment, I wondered if she even knew about us.
“How surprising, I never would have guessed. I’m not much of ‘Directioner’, sorry.”
She didn’t even recognise me?
An odd, unfamiliar feeling washed over me, it’d be the first time I’d met a girl properly without her freaking out over me being in the band. Attempting to escape from my thoughts, I realised I’d started to smile, and felt myself starting to blush. I looked up to catch her, once again, biting her lip, and with this I felt myself shift unsteadily and quickly changed the thoughts that were only just brimming in my mind.
“No, no it’s good. I like it.” I said, steadying myself, and focusing on her once again. She raised an eyebrow at me, and giggled quietly to herself.
Before I could speak, I heard her mum calling her name.
“Sorry, I think I’ve got dinner. I guess I’ll talk to you later?”
“Yeah, sure.” I replied, pretending I wasn’t really glad about her saying we’d talk more. She winked, and moved from her window, walking swiftly out of my sight.


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