Valerie, 17 years old, and doesn't know what's happening to her.

There's something wrong, but she just can't figure it out. Is it her past, is it what she doesn't know? The blanks in her memory? Something's changing, she can feel it. Valerie's always been different to other girls, temptingly aggressive, charming and confident. And by now, she's used to boys, and has dealt with cute, flirty, and sweet all before.
But with the new boy next door, and every other weird thing happening in her life, Valerie's not sure she can keep up.

This is a fanfiction, but doubles with supernatural so it'll be a little bit different.
Hopefully you guys like it anyway c:
I actually wrote this one for my little sister, since she loved One Direction, but most of the other things I write are completely different, so I suppose I hope you like them too!


9. Nothing Makes Sense.


Valerie's P.O.V

I walked sluggishly through my front door, already foreseeing my mum's 'merciless wrath', I laughed to myself. As expected, my mother walked down the stairs just in time. 
"Valerie! Are you serious? I can't believe-"
"Hey mum, how are you?" Interrupting her, I smiled my most sheepish grin. 
"Don't start with me young lady! I've told you a million times, over and over again! You can't take your father's bike, it's-"
"Ilegal and dangerous, totally irrational of me, I mean, I'm a 17-year-old girl, what was I thinking?" I interrupted, again, mimicking her voice almost perfectly. She glared at me, and pursed her lips in frustration.
"You think you're so smart, so clever, but you're not, Valerie. If you can finish off my own sentences for me then you must know exactly what I mean when I say them." She spat, shaking her head.
Oh, here we go, 'she dare not look at me! I'm the devil or something..' 
Mum, I'm really not in the mood, Just drop it." I replied, moving past her and walking up the stairs.
"Ugh, you can't keep doing this, just because you're father is gone doesn't mean-"
I spun around faster than I expected, and buried my eyes into hers. "Don't you dare talk about him, don't you even start to use him as part of your point. You know what happened." She shuttered and stepped back, obviously surprised at how firm I was. 
I shot her a last seething glare, and continued up the stairs. 

Ugh, that felt so weird. Why am I so cold? 
My skin was prickly, I could feel it moving up my arms.
Was it because of what she said about Dad? 
Flashes of memories scattered my mind, I pushed open the door to my room and slumped on my bed. Things were still so fresh in my mind, still so messed up. How could she even bring him up?
But Danny shot him, he killed him? Why? 
This doesn't make sense.
None of this does.

I could feel my skin getting colder, it was almost like it was moving through my body, it was making me heavy, my muscles were tightening around me and I couldn't move.
I'm so tired.

My eyes started to fall, it was beginning to get so hard just to keep them open, just to stay awake. Before I knew it, it was dark, and I was falling into blackness. 

Zayn's P.O.V

I wonder what happened to Valerie, how she'd deal with her mum, too. 
It was sort of hard to keep that in mind, the last hour was.. intense. But I couldn't shake the thought of how dark her eyes were, they were almost black, with gold flecks every time I caught a glimpse of them. How can someones eyes change to that, from brown? How can someone's eye colour change at all? Valerie seemed on edge, though, she was definitely distracted. She hid it well, I only really noticed when she was staring blankly out my window just before she left.
Should I ask her about it?
Ugh,  and what the hell am I going to tell Louis? That I just haven't seen her?
I don't want to lie..
This is so stupid. 

I shrugged off my queries and walked down stairs. Mum still wasn't home, which meant I'd have to make some form of dinner for myself. I looked in the pantry, mum obviously hadn't unpacked much, all we had was noodles, pancake mix, and a whole lot of different sauces. The fridge was empty too, me and the boys had completely cleared out all the bacon and eggs.

Pancakes with tomato sauce?
Eugh, Jesus, no. 
Definitely just pancakes.

I grabbed the pancake mix and walked lazily around the kitchen, filling it up, shaking it, shaking it some more, and then, shaking it once again. By the time I'd made 3, it'd already been about half an hour, gosh I'm slow.
Or maybe I'm not, and it's just Valerie playing through my head, over and over and-
Shit! Ugh you stupid-" 
I groaned to myself, I'd actually managed to pour pancake mix all over my arm, instead of into the pan. 
I hate everything and everything hates me.
That's probably a bit much.
pancake mix hates me.
And I hate it.
Equal hatred.

I washed my arm off, chucked the mix in the bin and the pan in the sink, before grabbing the plate and trudging back up to my room, frustrated. I wonder what she's doing now, maybe her mum is still angry at her.
I closed the door behind me and set my plate down on the bedside table, I'll just have a look and see if she's in her room. 
I opened my window, and to my surprise, hers was still open too. I suppose she just hadn't closed it since she got home.
"Valerie? Are you there?" I tried to project my voice while still sort of whispering, I didn't want her mum to hear me.
"Are you there?"
"Vaaaalerieeeeeee!" I chimed, in a long, lingering tone. I almost laughed to myself at how persistant I felt, and how much fun I was having. Still no reply, though.
I walked over to one of the boxes next to my bed and found a plastic bag, I grabbed a pancake and shoved it in, tying up the bag, and squishing the pancake as much as I could. I'll just throw it in, and she'll be so curious as to what it is, that she'll have to come out and look at it.
walked back to my window, and- steady now, aim- don't miss, FIRE!
I threw the bag as hard as I could, the aim was perfect, going straight into her window. Valerie walked out, just in time for the pancake to hit her square in the face.
oh my god,
I killed her, she's dead
I threw it so hard that it killed her
oh god oh god oh god
What in the hell is wrong with you? What is this?" I heard her murmur angrily from her bedroom floor, it'd actually hit her so hard that she'd fallen over. I couldn't look, I was covering my face completely, there was no way I could look at her.
"Is this a- a fucking pancake!?"
I ripped my hands away from my face, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! It was supposed to get your attention it wasn't supposed to hit you in the face, I swea-" I didn't even get time to finish my sentence before the pancake filled bag practically obliterated my face, I stumbled back and fell right on my arse.
"Sweet lord, Valerie, you've get a hell of a throw." I managed to splutter, it'd hit me so hard that my nose was bleeding.
Yeah.. definitely one hell of a throw.
"Well, you should have thought about the consequences of assaulting someone with a pancake beforehand then." She replied, through gritted teeth. 
"I didn't actually mean for it to hit you, I was explaining that before you tried to murder me." I groaned, finding a tissue and holding it against my nose. 
She scoffed, "Shut up and tilt your head back, it'll stop it bleeding so much." 
By now she'd already perched on the window sill, I suppose waiting for me to recover so she could ask me what I wanted in the first place. Should I ask her now? It's not like there's going to be any better time to do it?
"Valerie, your eyes are darker. When you were over, they were almost black." I started, slightly cautious at what she might say.
"So? Eye colour changes slightly depending on what your initial colour is." She shrugged, frowning at me slightly.
I sighed a little, and leaned my head back against the side lining of the window. 
I protested, "But it was more dramatic than slightly, they had gold in them, bright gold."
"You should get your eyes checked, Zayn." She warned, shaking her head and moving so quickly from the window sill that I almost didn't see it.
"Don't go, Valerie, it's not a bad thing."
She shook her head again, "You're acting strange, and I have things to do."  
With that, she closed the doors to her window and I was standing there alone. 
What's going on?


10:30am that night.

Valerie still hadn't come back to her window, and I was genuinely concerned, I hadn't said anything offensive, had I?
I wasn't even going to attempt to try talking to her again, the risk of getting another blood nose is way too high.
I chuckled, she threw it harder than I did? How did she manage that? My mum got home hours ago, and already pestered me about the mess in the kitchen, I just told her I was busy, which I was. I was busy thinking. I'd had an idea, it was risky, but it was perfectly cliche.
I'll climb in her window at the dead of night, oh Zayn, how romantic!
There's no way she'd expect it, it's perfect, so I suppose the only thing I can do now is just wait.


I waited patiently for 12 o' clock, I'd already fallen asleep twice by 11:30, so I decided to have a shower to kill time. Shower time was definitely thinking time, so I attempted to include more details in my plan, but there wasn't really much to add. So I just climb up to her window, go in, and see what happens? I laughed, I am totally mysterious.
By 12:05 I was staring up at her window, how the hell am I going to get up there? There was barely anything to grap on to except for the tiny notches in the house, I could boost myself up on the bins but that was about it. I shrugged, guess I'll just have to go with what I've got.
I was only half way up before I felt like I was just going to fall off and die of exhaustion.
Ugh I suck, this was a terribly thought out plan.
I climbed further, threw my arm up, and hooked my fingers on the edge of her window. Oh thank god.
I'm going to cry right here if they're locked.

I pulled on one of the doors slightly, and it opened a little, making a small squeak. 
At least it's open.
I pulled the door out completely, it looked like I could fit through one, so I left it at that, and hoisted myself up with the last bit of strength I had. I am so going to the gym tomorrow.
I'd managed to get a knee up on the window, I reached up to grab the top for support, and moved one leg inside. It was dark in her room, but I couldn't hear anyone, and was waiting for my eyes to adjust. I pulled the rest of myself in, and closed the window quietly behind me.
Wait, what do I do now? She's in bed so, I just wake her up? What if she thinks I'm a rapist?
I heard a door open, and froze. I looked across the room, and saw a glint in the dark over where I remembered her bathroom was. I held my breath, what is that?
My eyes adjusted a little more, and I could see Valerie's figure move over to her bed and lay down. She must have been in the bathroom without the light on, so that's why I didn't notice.
She didn't notice me either? She must be half asleep.
Should I go?
Ugh I'm such a creep.

I could see her roll over to the side facing away from me, this would be the only chance I got.
Don't be a pussy, Zayn.


I quietly moved over to her bed, careful to make sure I didn't touch anything, and walked around to the side she was sleeping on. Okay, here goes. I leaned down, and as quietly and delicately as I could, whispered in her ear,
There was a gasp, and then a bang like something had hit the wall, hard. I looked down at her bed, she's not there?
I stumbled back a little, "Woah, Valerie? Are you there?" I stammered.
I ran around to the other side of her bed, panicking a little, and reached to switch on the light. I turned, Valerie was all the way across the other side of the room, her back, pressed against the bathroom door.
"It's just me, it's Zayn. I didn't mean to scare you." I could feel myself blushing already, how embarrassing. 
Valerie just stared at me, panting. 
She was wearing a loose tee shirt, and again, no pants.
I shook the thought out of my head, "Hey, are you okay? Say something?"
She just looked at the ground, she was petrified. 
"How did you get over there so fast? I didn't even see you move?" I stuttered, bewildered at how increasingly odd this situation was getting.
"Why are you here?" She replied, looking up. Her tone sharp. 
I was blushing, badly, "Well, honestly I just thought it'd be fun, I thought it'd be a surprise." I sighed and rubbed the back of my neck. 
She moved from against the wall, but she was still tensed, it was like she couldn't help it.
"What if I though you were someone else? I could of hurt you."
I frowned a little, "You knew it was me? And wait, what do you mean, hurt me?" I stepped forward.
"Don't move."
"Just don't."

We were silent for a while before I tried to speak again, "How did you move so fast?"
"Just drop it." She snapped.
"But Valerie, your eyes are darker, they've changed, I could see the gold in the dark. Stop acting like you don-"
She interrupted,
"Stop acting like you know what you're talking about, you barely know me, and then you just start telling me about myself?"
"Okay, okay, I'll drop it." I replied, my voice tense, I was frustrated?
I sat down on her bed and sighed, "I'm sorry."
She frowned, "Forget it."
She reached for a pair of shorts and swiftly put them on without even breaking eye contact with me, she smirked, and made her way back to her bed. She laid down and pulled the blankets over her without even saying a word.
"What, no thank-you for trying to be nice and coming over?" I frowned, slightly agitated with how badly this whole thing went.
"I can't thank-you for being creepy, Zayn." She replied.
I scoffed, "Fine." I got up, frustrated, and started for the window.  
I felt a tap on my shoulder, and turned, "How did you-"
Her lips were cold against mine, it sent shivers down my spine and I almost automatically pulled her closer to me. What was I thinking about again? I turned, and pushed her gently against the wall next to her window.
"You know I was actually going to leave." I whispered, smirking at her slightly.
"Oh, yeah, I'm sure you were." She replied, in the same provocative tone I expected.
I moved in to kiss her again, I couldn't help how eager I was, it was almost instinctual. 
It felt like I was pulled to her, like I couldn't fight it even if I wanted to.



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