Valerie, 17 years old, and doesn't know what's happening to her.

There's something wrong, but she just can't figure it out. Is it her past, is it what she doesn't know? The blanks in her memory? Something's changing, she can feel it. Valerie's always been different to other girls, temptingly aggressive, charming and confident. And by now, she's used to boys, and has dealt with cute, flirty, and sweet all before.
But with the new boy next door, and every other weird thing happening in her life, Valerie's not sure she can keep up.

This is a fanfiction, but doubles with supernatural so it'll be a little bit different.
Hopefully you guys like it anyway c:
I actually wrote this one for my little sister, since she loved One Direction, but most of the other things I write are completely different, so I suppose I hope you like them too!


3. Nailed it.

Valerie's P.O.V

After dinner, I made my way upstairs, calling down goodnight and proceeding to shut my door behind me. I shivered, ugh, it's so cold in here. I looked over to the window, I'd left it open, and quickly moved to close it. Just as I was pulling in the second door of the window, to latch them together, I realised I'd told Zayn that we'd talk later. Hm, I'll just leave one closed, and one open. 
I laughed at the thought of our conversation earlier, it was so easy to make him nervous. There I was thinking he was different and whatnot, but heh, this boy wasn't so hard to crack after all. Zayn didn't look like he was in his room, so I took the opportunity to quickly brush my teeth. Just as I walked out of the bathroom, I heard my mum calling me to take out the rubbish, I sighed and put some shoes on, angrily exited my room and trudged downstairs. 
"I don't understand why you couldn't do it.." I muttered, half to myself and to my mother as I walked past her. She simply scoffed and walked to the living room without a word. 

I walked into the kitchen, grabbed the bag out of the bin and walked outside briskly, attempting to avoid the cold, it was basically pitch black and I couldn't see anything. I walked around the side of the house and for some unknown reason, couldn't find the bin to dump this stupid bag into, god dammit. The movers from next door must have moved it this morning, I sighed in frustration, and walked back up the side of the house and around the fence dividing my house from the neighbours. 
Maybe they left it in front of the neighbours yard or something.  
I still couldn't see properly, and basically had to squint to see where I was going, I thought I saw something that looked like a bin-
I ran straight into someone, knocking us unsteady and falling down onto the lawn right on top of them.
"Shit, uh, sorry, I didn't see.." My voice trailed off when I realised they were laughing, he was laughing.
"Zayn?" I sighed, I've managed to embarrass myself again today. 
"You're quite the charmer, aren't you?" He replied through giggles.
"It was an accident!" I scoffed, feeling a slight taste of anger in my voice.
I could feel his breathe against my lips, and felt a shiver roll down my spine. Ugh, what was that?
I quickly tried to get to my feet, but was caught when he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back down.
"Leaving so soon?" He said, smirking as his eyes met mine.
Thoughts were burning through my mind, what is he doing? Why am I so close to him?
I could feel myself starting to blush, and used his split second of distraction to pull myself off him. 
"You just keep surprising me.." I managed to stammer.
"I like surprising you, it's fun. But what are you doing out here anyway?" He replied.
"I could ask you the same question, but, rubbish, actually." I let my voice mimic a hint of annoyance while picking up the rubbish bag and throwing it in the bin that I was originally looking for. 

Noticing my aggravation he got to his feet, and brushed off the grass that had managed to make its way onto his shirt. He looked up at me, and with a cheeky grin, attempted to justify himself.
"Sorry, I guess I'm just feeling a little bit spontaneous tonight."
He hadn't even told my why he was out here yet?
But before I could ask again, he winked, turned, and walked off up his driveway, leaving me there in confusion. What the..?


Zayn's P.O.V

I knew she was getting nervous, and smirked to myself. Ha, payback.
After our conversation earlier, I just couldn't let her think I was some nervous wreck she could just mess around with, she was a challenge, and so was I.
I winked at her cheekily, and with one quick movement, turned to walk up my driveway.
I laughed to myself, Nailed it.




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