Valerie, 17 years old, and doesn't know what's happening to her.

There's something wrong, but she just can't figure it out. Is it her past, is it what she doesn't know? The blanks in her memory? Something's changing, she can feel it. Valerie's always been different to other girls, temptingly aggressive, charming and confident. And by now, she's used to boys, and has dealt with cute, flirty, and sweet all before.
But with the new boy next door, and every other weird thing happening in her life, Valerie's not sure she can keep up.

This is a fanfiction, but doubles with supernatural so it'll be a little bit different.
Hopefully you guys like it anyway c:
I actually wrote this one for my little sister, since she loved One Direction, but most of the other things I write are completely different, so I suppose I hope you like them too!


4. Gotchya.

Valerie's P.O.V

Once I got back inside, I ran up to my room and flopped onto my bed, not bothering to switch on the light as I came in.
What the hell was that?
There I was thinking he was someone I could mess around with, and then he does that? 
I rolled over, shoving my face into my pillow, frustrated.
He was so.. hot. 
I tried to push the thoughts out of my mind, was I really thinking this? It was just, the way he surprised me, totally random and out of the blue. He was teasing me, belittling me, and I think I liked it.

Time to investigate.

I slipped off my bed, getting down on all fours and crawling quietly over to the window. Just barely poking my head over to take a look into his room, and just as I thought it was clear- he walked right in.
He closed the door behind him, and took a quick glance over my way. I was certain he couldn't see me from where I was, so I didn't move at all. He dropped his gaze, and stood there thoughtfully for a moment. I saw him push a whole ton of clothes off his bed and onto the floor, he sat down where they'd been and continued on his thoughtful expression.
Heh, messy boy.
He ran his hand through his hair, stood up, and started to undo the button on his pants.
I immediately looked away from his window, but couldn't seem to stop my eyes drifted back just as fast as they'd moved away. He didn't continue with his pants, but instead swiftly slid his shirt off, exposing his tanned, toned chest.
I pushed my eyes away again.
I'm not a perv, I'm not a perv I'm not a-
He dropped his shirt on the floor.
I'm a perv.

He moved out of my sight, causing me to sigh in relief from the sudden tension of watching him that way. Why would he undress directly infront of the window?
I was almost sure he knew that there was a possibility I'd see.
He moved back infront of the window, now changed out of his jeans and into what looked like a pair of grey boxers. I scoffed at how flustered I was, as if I can get this nervous over some random boy?
It was time to get challenging. 
I quickly crawled away from the window, stood, and walked over to the light switch to turn it on.
I knew once he saw it flicker on, he'd move out of sight, thinking that perhaps I wasn't actually watching, and only just came into my room.
As I walked past the window, I made sure I glanced over to check if he was there, and with this, I proceeded to take a comfy shirt from my wardrobe. I threw the shirt onto my bed, walking straight into view from his window, and slipping off my shoes at the end of my bed. I can't make it too obvious. 
I slipped off my shorts, picking them up and chucking them over to my wardrobe. I pretended to see something in front of me, walking over to pick it up and move it to my desk opposite my bed. I knew that my jumper wouldn't completely cover what it needed to, and giggled to myself in the few moments I was out of sight at the thought of him freaking out. 

I walked over to my bed, pulling my shirt off and throwing it towards my wardrobe like I did with my shorts. Before grabbing the shirt I'd put on my bed, I lifted my arms up, stretched and giggled.
I really do have no shame.


Zayn's P.O.V

Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh.
No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't keep my eyes off her, she just had to be doing this on purpose. There was no way this could be happening.
I glanced over the window sill once again, and just as I did, she pulled off her shirt, threw it away, and stretched. My eyes widened, I could feel my face going red, but I just couldn't seem to tear my eyes away.
I am definitely going to hell for perving on my extremely attractive next door neighbour.

She had the perfect body, she was mesmerising, I was practically drooling. 
I knocked myself out of it, and ducked my head once again. Waiting patiently for a few minutes to make sure once I looked over again, she'd put something more on than just her bra and underwear.
I poked my head up again, a relieved sigh escaped from my mouth as I saw that she'd put a shirt on. It didn't look like she slept with pants as she hadn't bothered to even grab any out, and she just had to pick out a shirt that was too short to cover her butt. 
Mm.. oh well.
No! Shit! Not oh well Zayn..

I tried to eliminate those thoughts from my head, there was no way I was going to end up fantasising about the next door neighbour I'd managed to accidentally perv on like some creepy old man with a telescope.
Yep, I am basically a creepy old man with a telescope.

This had definitely turned into a game, like a silent rivalry between Valerie and I as to who could make the other more nervous, and less confident. I began to think about it a little more closely, does this mean Valerie sees me as, confident? Just like I see her?
Maybe my silence intimidated her just as much as her attitude intimidated me, because that was it wasn't it? She was feisty, and I was 'mysterious?' I guess that's what all the fans think.
Just as my thoughts had come to their conclusion, I realised I hadn't ducked my head down again after glancing up. I raised my eyes to discover that there she was, leaning against the window, and looking right at me.
I thought to myself, letting my head fall onto the window sill. 
"Gotchya."She said, in a tone that only drew me to her.
I sighed, and got to my feet. "I swear it wasn't what it looked like."
She laughed to herself, letting a genuine smile spread across her lips.
"You're officially terrible at hiding."
"I wasn't meaning to hide, like that, I was just, you sort of just started-" I blurted out in a muddled mess of words, there was no way I  could get out of this one. 
"Mhmm.." She replied through giggles, letting her familiar mocking attitude seep through it.
I sighed, "Sorry, Valerie.."

"Oh don't worry, just next time try to cover yourself better when you decide to watch a girl get undressed." She said, smirking as she spoke.
"I wasn't watching you! I just couldn't seem to-" She cut me off almost immediately,
"You're just so fun to mess with, Zayn."
She shot me an alluring grin, stepped back, and closed both the doors on her window.
I let myself lean against the window lazily, sighing and laughing to myself as I did. Her teasing and her smirks and her smiles just made me shiver, and I'd only just met her today. She was the most interesting, provoking, faultless girl I'd ever encountered, and I just wanted more.
I guess you won this time, Valerie. 



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