Valerie, 17 years old, and doesn't know what's happening to her.

There's something wrong, but she just can't figure it out. Is it her past, is it what she doesn't know? The blanks in her memory? Something's changing, she can feel it. Valerie's always been different to other girls, temptingly aggressive, charming and confident. And by now, she's used to boys, and has dealt with cute, flirty, and sweet all before.
But with the new boy next door, and every other weird thing happening in her life, Valerie's not sure she can keep up.

This is a fanfiction, but doubles with supernatural so it'll be a little bit different.
Hopefully you guys like it anyway c:
I actually wrote this one for my little sister, since she loved One Direction, but most of the other things I write are completely different, so I suppose I hope you like them too!


1. Introductions.

I woke to the sound of a truck beeping outside my window, Seriously? This early? I thought, while urging myself to sit up. I managed to stand, and lazily walked over to my bathroom, accidentally kicking my toe against the wall and letting out a loud, aggressive grunt. I switched on the light and looked at myself in the mirror, ew, I scoffed, splashing water in my face and wiping off the remainder of my eye make up. After waking up a little bit, I walked out of the bathroom, and over to my window, peering out and rubbing my eyes as I did so.
Someone was moving in, ugh.

really didn't want more neighbours, the last ones were incredibly loud, and me, having the room nearest to the house next to ours, got the worst of it. I walked down stairs, hardly caring to put pants on (you can thank my laziness for that), and swinging around the railing as I reached the bottom. I walked into the kitchen to find my mum, politely chatting with a boy I'd never seen before. I'd supposed by then that he was one of our new neighbours, but only really realised the situation after he'd looked me up and down, winked, and shot me a devilish grin.
No pants, shit.

I turned, ran out of the kitchen, shot back upstairs and slammed my bedroom door. I sighed, and walked briskly over to my full length mirror. Heh. I giggled to myself, it turned out I was wearing one of my favourite pairs of underwear, which in my opinion didn't look half bad. I shrugged to myself, and quickly walked over to my wardrobe, pulled out a black pair of shorts, and a loose red knit jumper which slid down my left shoulder slightly. After getting dressed, I put on foundation, and a quick coat of mascara before brushing my hair and pulling it to one side. Now, I'm presentable.
I walked downstairs once again, and entered the kitchen, my mum containing her giggles terribly. 

"Sorry about that, I.. wasn't expecting visitors." I said, shooting a brisk glare to my mother.
"No need to apologise, I'd say it'd be one of the more enjoyable things in my morning." He replied, letting a half smile spread across his lips. Due to my inconvenient lack of clothing, I hadn't actually looked at him properly yet, and found to my surprise that the strong, tempting voice he spoke in matched his looks. He gazed at me carefully, his dark brown eyes shining slightly against the light. His dark hair was cut short at the sides, with the top long, and styled well into a fringe. He was taller than me, with a sharp jaw line that matched his rugged smile. His shoulders were broad, and defined his tanned masculine arms perfectly. 
In all honesty, he was one of the sexiest boys I'd ever seen.
Mm, yum.

I looked up to find our eyes locked, had he been watching me the whole time? He stepped forward, extending his hand. Instinctually, I moved mine to meet his for a hand shake, but once we touched, he immediately turned my hand over, and gently kissed the top of it.

"Zayn." He said, his tone mimicking his desirability. 
"Valerie." I replied, letting my name flow confidently through my lips.

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