Change My Mind (Want You Back)

Zayn and Allie Malik have been Divorced for two years now. Allie had cried herself to sleep every night as the mistakes they made played through her mind. She has to stay strong, for their four year old son Drake. He's too young to understand the situation, but he asks many questions. Finally, when Allie begins to move on with Ed Sheeran, Zayn starts to fall in love with her again. Will Allie give in? Or will she stay strong to her self. What does her heart tell her to do?


7. Smile

Ed, Allie, and Drake were in the car driving to the tree stop. Christmas was only a few weeks away now. Ed turned on the radio and the voices on the radio spoke softly. 

"hey uh bill, we got a new song here i think we should play next."

"Oh yeah! we got that new song from the boys 1D, you know Burt, i heard Zayn wrote this one, which makes sense if you listened to all the lyrics."

"well lets give the people a listen then."

Allie groans and reaches for the radio to change the channel but ed stops her and shakes his head. 

"let it be." he smiles and says softly. Allie cant help but to smile back. The music plays softly, its almost like a gentle dubstep. 

"Never thought, i could feel, the way i do tonight. But my eyes, they bleed, tears are streaming down my face. no this cant be right..." harry sang

"This isnt fair, you should be here, wiping away these tears. I've made mistakes but everyone does, that doesn't mean you have to let go and move on..." liam continues

The beat drops

"I thought your heart was mine, I lied to myself so many times Damn i just want it back. You found someone to take care of you, and i only got money taking care of me right now. Guess you got tired of taking care of me, you're done now. but please.." Zayn sang softly

"Girl dont get married...Dont get engaged...Please just sit and wait. I shouldnt be much longer, But then again you shouldnt be waiting. Cant lose you, cant have you. sorry that Im just so Goddamned selfish." Niall sang

the beat built back upo

"You've got my son, youve got my love, the only thing that you dont have is my presence. Id be there, yeah i bet if, youd only let me girl please im begging. I cant stop these tears. i cant stop this pain. I balme all this hurt on my fame. Just one more chance, thats all im asking..if you say it isnt working girl ill get packing." Louis sang

"I dont own your heart noo more
and i know this for sure.
and ill im asking for.
Is one more chance no i wont blow it 
if you hand it over ill be cautious
Just promise me that youll keep trying
dont give up on me girl please keep crying
I know you still want me dont deny it." Niall rapped.

The Beat dropped again

"I thought your heart was mine, I lied to myself so many times Damn i just want it back. You found someone to take care of you, and i only got money taking care of me right now. Guess you got tired of taking care of me, you're done now. but please.." Zayn sang softly

"Now youre fucking whats his face...didt think i would lose this race... i thought i had time, but i was way to fucking patient. I lost you, i can't have you... I just want my Allie boo." Niall finished.

Allie sat back in her seat speechless. 

"that was Daddy!" Drake smiled from the back seat. 

Ed peered at allie, she was still in shock. "He just humiliated me, with a goddamn song." allie sneered.

Ed held her hand. "no love i doubt it was about you...they dont write their own songs.."

"But eddie it said that daddy wrote it." drake insisted from his carseat.

ed sighed. "Allie its going to be okay..."

"no its not nothing is ever going to be okay. He's such an asshole i cant bare this anymore! who the fuck goes and writes a song to purposely harass someone! this is complete bullshit!" allie began to get furious. 

Ed pulled the car over, he took both of her hands and turned to Allie. "babe you need to calm down you are scaring Drake," he gestured with his head to drake, who was suck back in his seat with his eyes closed and his hands covering his ears "take a deep breath a relax hun. if he is going to write inappropriate songs then so be it, we can write one just as ignorant and annoying." he said softly. 

Allie relaxed as Ed held her hands. her body relaxed and she cooled down. "that sounds like a great idea." sh laughed faintly. Ed kissed her cheek and then contimued driving to the christams tree shack.

They picked out the nicest tree and rushed home to decorate it. Ed held drake up so he could put the star on the tree. 

"So uh Allie, I am having a Christmas party with my family this year, would you like to come? I'm sure my mom and dad would love to meet you." Ed said as he puts Drake back down to the floor. "Drake is welcome to come to if he rather stick with us on christmas"

Drake shakes his head "I wanna go with daddy cuz i wanna see auntie Bella, she's got the best presents." 

Allie laughs "Alright bud." she pats his head "why dont you head off to bed and i ll be up to tuck you in" 

drake nods and dashes up the stairs Allie looks to ed, "yeah i'd love to go."


Zayn smiled and shut the radio off. He was proud of himself for writing such an amazing song. He looked at his phone. Not a single message from Allie. He sighed and locked it placing it back on the table. The door bell rang. Zayn jumped up excitingly and answered it, only to see Jackie in the doorway.

"I heard your song on the radio," she crossed her arms and flipped her curly black hair. " if you still had feelings for your stupid ass ex wife then maybe you should tell someone that before writing a bloody fucking song about it!"

Her expression was harsh. Zayn stood speechless not knowing what to say. He wasn't expecting to see this particular black haired beauty at his door.

"I'm done with you and your drama... Good bye!" She strutted away.

Zayn sighed and shut the door. He got the right reaction from the wrong girl. He didn't mind that he and Jackie were over, he just wanted Allie back.

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