Change My Mind (Want You Back)

Zayn and Allie Malik have been Divorced for two years now. Allie had cried herself to sleep every night as the mistakes they made played through her mind. She has to stay strong, for their four year old son Drake. He's too young to understand the situation, but he asks many questions. Finally, when Allie begins to move on with Ed Sheeran, Zayn starts to fall in love with her again. Will Allie give in? Or will she stay strong to her self. What does her heart tell her to do?


3. Save My Heart Tonight

Louis and Bella knocked on Zayn's door. Louis held his 5 year old son Tommy in his arms. Bella held Taylor, Tommy's twin sister. The two looked alike but were very different. Tommy was just like his father, out going and charismatic. Taylor was more like her mother. Shy and quiet. Zayn opened the door as Drake held on tightly to his leg. He flashed Taylor a cheeky smile Taylor blushed and then buried her face into her mothers neck

"Oh hey guys...come on in!" He smiled as he backed away from the door allowing them in.

Louis took Bella's free hand and held it as they walked in. Zayn half smiled as he saw their intertwined fingers. He missed that... he missed holding the one he loved in his arms and whisper sweet nothings in her ear. If only he hadn't gotten drunk that one night... if only he stopped replying to that girl's messages... if only his love only had one face... maybe he'd still have what Louis and Bella have.. Louis and Bella placed Tommy and Taylor on the floor and they ran with Drake to his room. Louis smiled as he watched the children run.

Bella turned to Zayn. "So how is everything?" She asked with a bright smile.

"Okay I guess" Zayn replied with a shrug as he scratched the back if his head anxiously.

Bella nodded and pursed her lips together.

"Well that's good to hear" Louis exclaimed with a smile as he turned his attention towards Zayn.

"So uh thanks again for watching them while we go out..really appreciate it" Bella smiled as she adjusted her small black clutch .

Zayn smiled."no problem..anytime.. they're good two go have fun" he replied.

louis smiled deviously. "oh trust me... we will" he said wiggling his eyebrows.

Bella shoved him playfully. "stop it you.." she smiled.  

Zayn laughed. "okay you two get out of my house" he joked.

     They parted their good-byes an now Zayn was alone. He peered into the kids' room to see them playing with toys. he smiled and then walked to the kitchen with his hands in his pockets. and his  head hung low, weighed down by guilt and the unforgivable mistakes he had made. He grabbed a beer out of the fridge and twisted it open. He took a long sip and sighed. How the hell was he supposed to answer his son's questions? he knew that it would be soon that he would ask again. He wanted to explain everything to him, but if he did, Drake would never look at his father the same again. Only with pity and Pure anger. he sighed and took another sip.


     Allie stood behind the counter as she stared at the clock. time was ticking by painfully slow. She still had three long hours to work. The cafe was filled with the quiet whispers and the sound of Keyboard clicks. The little Cafe was a hotspot for Authors and Bloggers. Some times even fans would come by and visit Allie because after all, she use to be Zayn Malik's wife.

     When it was finally time for the cafe to close, Devane and Allie locked it up and started to clean.

"So tonight my little Sugar Girl We are going Clubbing, i have a friend i want you to meet." Allie shook her head.

"no rather stay home tonight..and would you quit trying to play match maker for me? you did this last time and look what happened." she groaned as she flipped the chairs onto the tables.

"please just come Babe! I really really want to do your hair! i've always wanted to its been like my dream! pleaseeee" he begged

Allie laughed. "fine but im not staying out any later than 11....and i swear to god if your 'friend' hits on me the entire time i'm leaving even earlier." she gave in.

Devane cheered as she walked out.

     Devane arrived at Allie's house shortly after she did. He dragged her to her room and sat her in front of her Vanity.

"i'm going to make you look super sexylicious." he smiled as he ran his fingers through her long black hair.

   He made soft curls in her hair and a styled it in a way that made her look like a goddess. he only put on a small amount of make up on her to make her blue eye color pop out. she didnt need much make because her complexion was beautiful enough. Devane finished her make up and hair he ran to her closet and pulled out a pair of ripped dark skinny jeans and a sleeveless club shirt and laid them on the bed. he placed a pair of sexy stilletos beside it and turned to allie.

"now get dressed quickly! he's waiting!" he demanded.

Allie looked at her outfit and sighed. "Really Devane? I'm going to look like a Whore.." she laughed.

"Get dressed! come on!" he demanded.

Allie dressed quickly and looked at herself one last time. she looked down right sexy. she bit her bottom lip and smiled.

Devane pulled her out to his car. "come on Eddie's waiting!!" he whined. 

     Devane practically dragged Allie inside of the bar. He scanned the room for his friend. "you're going to love him he is just the sweetest thing.." Devane explained.

Allie sighed. "i loved the last guy you picked for me too." 

Devane turned to her. "oh hush up would you? try and at least have a little fun tonight" he begged.

Devane spotted his Ginger friend at the bar. he pulled Allie over to him

"Hey Eddie!" Devane smiled.

Ed smiled at Devane and quickly glanced down towards the girl at his side. he flashed her a quick smile. "is this the Famous Allie you've told me so much about?" he asked looking back at Devane. 

Allie smiled back at the cute ginger that stood before her. He looked familiar... but she couldn't quite put her finger on why.

 Devane nodded. "yes this is Allie...Allie this is Edward..i call him Eddie..." Devane said to both of Them. 

Eddie turned to Allie and held his hand out. "hello Allie I'm 'Ed Sheeran...nice to finally meet you" he smiled.

Allie smiled and shook his hand. "nice to meet you..i'm Allie.. Allie Malik." She remembered Ed..he and the boys had written songs with him before.

"oh allie i remember are you and Zayn doing? hows Drake?" he asked. 

Ed felt a ping of pain, this extremely beautiful girl that stood before him was taken...Married in that case. why would Devane do this to him?

Allie began to laugh as if Ed had said something extremely funny. "Oh goodness Ed, i am divorced.." she smiled.

Ed smiled yet again. he silently thanked god that this woman was free. "oh well, i'm sorry to hear that.. since when?" he asked with a smile.

"oh um exactly two years today.." she replied with a laugh.

"well happy Anniversary!" he cheered. "can i buy you a drink to celebrate?" ed asked. 

Devane smiled and backed away into the crowd, giving ed and Allie time to bond alone. he knew that they would hit it off right away. Allie was exactly Eddie's type. Extremely beautiful and insecure. And Ed was perfect for Allie. Eddie was probably the sweetest, most romantic man on this earth. they were perfect for each other.

"of course you may." allie smiled. she actually liked Ed. he was cute and real funny.

"ay! can i get a.." he called out a turned to allie with an expression that asked 'whatta ya want?'

allie smiled. "oh just get me an ice cold pint" she replied.

ed smiled at her and turned back to the bartender. "can get a beer please?" he ordered. the bartender nodded and handed him a pint. Ed handed it to allie with a smile. "theyre ya go love" 

allie took it and smiled "thanks hun" she said as she got out her wallet.

Ed shook his head. "oh no you dont.. put your money away i got this.." he insisted as he payed the bill.

Allie smiled and took a sip of her drink. "im warning you eddie..i have a very low tolerance for alcohol. im already buzzed." allie laughed. 

     as the night went on, allie and Ed grew closer and closer. they didnt drink much at all, they were too busy talking to even consider drinking. Devane walked up to them smiling big.

"somebody call 9-1-1 because i see sparks flying!!" he shouted as he placed a hand on both of them. they both blushed deeply.

"so the club is oing to close soon.." devane began as he look from allie to ed with a wild grin.

"aww but i dont want to go home. its so lonely..." allie sighed looking to the floor.

Devane nudged ed.

"well um uh...youre uh... if you want you could come to my place for a while..." ed suggested nervously.

Allie looked up at him and smiled "sure that would be nice" she replied. ed smiled back at her.

Devane gave them both a gentle shove. "well go already!" he demanded with a smile. Ed and Allie laughed and walked out of the club together.

Ed had brought Allie with him in his car since Devane had drove her. He pulled into his driveway and turned to allie who was in awe. his house was a nice mansion in north London. She turned to him and smiled.

" i like your house.. " she laughed.

ed smiled and turned off the car. "wait till you seee the inside." he said as he stepped out. 

Allie followed him in walking close to his side. she took of her heels and held them before entering the house. ed gave her a funny look. she laughed.

"my feet hurt." she giggled and walked in.

ed laughed and lead her to a closet right by the door. "just throw em in here for now." he smiled.

Allie did so and then turned to him.

"sooooo" she smiled.

ed laughed. "wanna watch a movie or something?" he asked.

allie smiled and nodded. she looked relieved. "thank god i thought you were gonna ask for like sex or something.." she laughed.

ed laughed too. "nahh we just met, that stuff doesnt happen for a while.." he smiled. 

that was all allie needed to hear. she was now in love. her heart beat faster and her smile became even more genuine than before. she felt as though her sorrow had melted away. she finally moved on. she smiled and hugged him. ed hesitated before hugging her back.

"this is going to sound weird but i like really like you right now." she laughed as she pulled away.

Ed smiled down at her. she was a lot smaller without her heels. but he liked his girls short. "well i really like you too." he replied with a smile.

allie blushed and looked into his eyes. "oh um ha uh... do you like, have something i could change into..devane dressed me like a whore and frankly, dressing like one has cut the amount of oxygen im receiving short." allie laughed.

ed smiled and lead her to a bed room on the 3rd floor. he searched the dresser for somethings and pulled out some old pjs and a white tank top.

"my brother's wife left these here a while back." he explained as he handed them to her. "they come down and visit every once in a great while." he explained.

allie smiled and took them from him.

"youre welcome to keep them if they fit..ill give you your privacy" he said as he walked out of the room and shut the door. 

Allie smiled and changed into the pjs quickly. they fit her small fit figure perfectly. she opened the door to find ed in his pjs waiting for her and and playing on his iphone. he turned to allie and smiled.

"they fit..nicely" he said as he looked her up and down.

allie giggled. "why thank you" she replied with a smile. 

they walked back down the stairs and to the living room. they sat on the couch, each on their own cushion. ed flipped through channels trying to find something to watch, allie yawned and rested her head on his shoulder.

"lets watch a comedy" she suggested.

ed looked at her with a smile and then turned back to the television. they agreed on the movie '21 jump street'. Ed laid down on the couch. Alliie hesitated. she didnt know how ed would react if she were to cuddle with him. she made up her mind and laid beside him. 

Ed smiled wide and put his arms around her. he gently pulled  her closer so that their bodies touched.   allie smiled and placed her hands on his as she watched the movie. they eventually fell asleep  cuddling on his couch.  

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