Change My Mind (Want You Back)

Zayn and Allie Malik have been Divorced for two years now. Allie had cried herself to sleep every night as the mistakes they made played through her mind. She has to stay strong, for their four year old son Drake. He's too young to understand the situation, but he asks many questions. Finally, when Allie begins to move on with Ed Sheeran, Zayn starts to fall in love with her again. Will Allie give in? Or will she stay strong to her self. What does her heart tell her to do?


10. One Thing

     One thing kapt creeping up on zayn. It was not the fact that his friend had impregnated his ex wife, he had already gotten over that. It was his son, Drake, He hadnt come over in three whole weekends. He wasnt even coming tonight for christmas eve dinner. No, instead he was going to go with Ed and Allie to Ed's parent's house. Bullshit, all of it. 

     What angered Zayn even more was the fact that the boys were forcing him to go out New Year's Eve with them, Ed and Allie. There was no way in hell he was going to go. He'd have to watch them be all lovey dovey and shit and coo over eachother all night. Allie wouldn't drink because shes pregnant so that blew the whole get-with-her-while-she-is-drunk plan. Allie isn't the jealous type, so bringing a date wouldn't kill her. Maybe he could kill her with kindness. Zayn smiled at the idea, he could be nice to her, act like nothing is wrong and everything is normal. That would tear her down...she'd realize whats shes missing and want to come back to him. 

     It was final then, New Years Eve was a definite do.


     Allie had really needed that bath. It relaxed her, a lot. But she still felt a bit tense. She got out and dried off, she dressed in the clothes ed had so kindly left for her and blow dried her hair. They were leaving at noon, she had about an hpur or so to get herself and drake ready. She finshed up her hair and put on her flats. she was wearing a par of nice black jeans and a cute red halter christmas top. she put on a bit of eye make up and then took her usual pills. she walked out of the bathrrom with only half an hour to get drake ready. 

    TO her surprise, she went into his room to find Ed putting Drakes shoes on. Ed has already gotten Drake cleaned up and dressed as well as he did himself. He stood up and smiled at her. "You look lovely as always." he smiled standing on his feet again.

Allie smiled "Thanks babe" She looked to drake. "oh look at how handsome you look sweetheart!"  she picked him up off the bed. "Thanks so much for getting him ready, you didnt have to do that." she kept her genuine smile on her lips. 

"oh it was nothing really. you dont have to thank me" he chuckled a bit. 

     Drake looked from His mother to Ed. He wondered why he hadnt been to his dads. He was supposed to be with him this christmas but instead he was going to meet Ed's parents. DId this mean that he had to have three sets of grandparents? "Mummy? do i have to call the grandma and grandpa?" he asked so very innocently.

Allie looked down at him a bit surprised "no umm not if you dont wanna baby" 

Drake shrugged and ran to the car, Allie looked over to Ed and falshed him somewhat of a smile. Ed took her hand and pulled her close. "Don't worry, Everything will be alright, I promise." He planted a kiss to her cheek and they walked out to the car.

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