Change My Mind (Want You Back)

Zayn and Allie Malik have been Divorced for two years now. Allie had cried herself to sleep every night as the mistakes they made played through her mind. She has to stay strong, for their four year old son Drake. He's too young to understand the situation, but he asks many questions. Finally, when Allie begins to move on with Ed Sheeran, Zayn starts to fall in love with her again. Will Allie give in? Or will she stay strong to her self. What does her heart tell her to do?


2. Na Na Na

     Zayn got into his luxury sports car and drove to down town London like he has done every weekend for the past two years. He pulled into the driveway of his ex-wife's small town house. He turned off his car and stepped out. He walked to the front door and knocked on it softly. He listened to the small pitter patter of fast footsteps ran to the door. Slower paced steps followed. The door opened slowly and Zayn flashed Allie and Drake a bright smile.

"Daddy!!!"his four year old son Drake shouted.

Zayn picked him up "Hey buddy" he smiled.

Allie stood in the doorway with her arms crossed. Her eyes still burned with a fire from two years ago. Zayn knew he had put her through a lot over the past four years they had known each other. He accepted the fact that her heart was only filled with deep hatred for him. "Please don't let him stay up all night like you did last weekend.." she pleaded not looking into his eyes.

Zayn nodded as he kept his eyes on Drake. He felt downright uncomfortable around the girl he was once madly in love with. Allie brought Drake's bags to the car and Zayn followed her.

"please be careful, he's all i got" Allie pleaded as she kissed Drake's forehead. "Bye baby, be good for your father, okay?" she smiled at Drake. Her smile faded as she looked up at Zayn.

"okay mummy!" Drake smiled wide and held his father tight. 

     Drake had Zayn's big brown eyes, Everything about him looked like Zayn. Allie thanked the lord that he was nothing like his back-stabbing, good for nothing father. 

     Zayn flashed Allie a sideways smile as she walked back inside. He turned around and put Drake into his car seat that he had installed in the passenger seat. Drake smiled wide as he kicked his feet that dangled in the air, too short to touch the floor. He loved staying the weekends with his dad. He loved running around his dad's huge house and spending time with him and his four uncles. But he was confused. All of his friend's parents that he went to daycare with lived together and never fought with each other like his parents did. Drake kicked his feet excitingly.

     Zayn got into the car. "So what do you wanna do today?" he asked as he strapped himself in and started the car up.

Drake shrugged and continued smiling, showing off his cute dimples he had obtained from his mother. "I don't know" he replied.

"how about the playground?" Zayn suggested as he drove down the street.

Drake shook his head and thought for a second. "how about we go to your house?!" he exclaimed.

Zayn laughed. "sure anything you want." he smiled as he drove home.

     Allie broke down into tears, like she did every time she saw Zayn. As much as she hated to admit it, she still loved him with all her heart. But at the same time, she hated him for putting her through so much stress and depression. She sat at the kitchen nook with her face buried in her hands. Her life has been nothing but tears and heartache for the past two years. She needed to get over him, she needed to move on. She wanted to, but it was just to hard to forget and be happy. She wiped her tears and pushed her hair back with her hand. Allie looked around the kitchen and stood up. She hated her sad depressing life, she knew she had to do something with it. She had to make it better for her and her son, but how? The question lingered in her mind as she slipped into her work clothes and put her long black hair up into a ponytail. she worked at a small Cafe in London called "cocoa mocha" She wanted to be a lawyer, but law school was out of the question. She had a son to take car of and a mortgage to pay.  she wiped her blood shot blue eyes of the remaining tears and left for work.

     Drake and Zayn drove in silence on the way to Zayn's house. Drake took this time to try and understand what was going on between his parents.

"Daddy?" he asked sweetly as he turned to Zayn.

"what?" Zayn asked as he somewhat mimicked Drake's tone with a smile.

"Why don't you and mummy love each other anymore?" he asked with a curious tilt of his head. Zayn inhaled nervously. He knew that one day he would be asked this question, he just did expect it now, when Drake was so young.

"well um" he began as he turned to his son. "well you see...mummy and daddy got into a..uhh..well sometimes people just....daddy made a big uhh.." the words got harder to stay the more he looked at his naive son. He just couldn't say it. "oh just ask your mother when you go back home... I can't do this" he sighed as he turned his attention back to the road.

Drake sighed and turned away, looking out his window.


   Allie walked into work a few minutes late.

"Allie-Dilly-Dally, you're late!" Devane teased.

Allie rolled her eyes. Devane was Allie's best friend. They bantered all the time.

"Get your ass over here and help open up the store!" he laughed.

Allie put on her apron and got behind the counter.

"So how's my little man?" he asked as he filled up he coffee machines with coffee beans.

"Pretty good i guess, he's with Zayn this weekend." Allie replied as she turned on the cash register and logged on to it.

"Does he even like going there every single weekend? i mean the poor kid's got to find it a bit tiring" Devane asked as he set out mugs and plastic coffee cups.

Allie sighed. "He looks forward to seeing his dad. He loves Zayn." she took down the chairs and set up the tables.

"Zayn's a tool." Devane sneered.

Allie laughed and unlocked the door, she turned the closed sign to open and got behind the counter again.

"No but really! He's such a good for nothing tool!" he exclaimed as he put his longish brown hair into a hair net. He turned on the radio and played it softly in the background.

 "Trust me i know" she replied as she tapped her fingers on the counter.

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