Change My Mind (Want You Back)

Zayn and Allie Malik have been Divorced for two years now. Allie had cried herself to sleep every night as the mistakes they made played through her mind. She has to stay strong, for their four year old son Drake. He's too young to understand the situation, but he asks many questions. Finally, when Allie begins to move on with Ed Sheeran, Zayn starts to fall in love with her again. Will Allie give in? Or will she stay strong to her self. What does her heart tell her to do?


9. Give Me Love

*three weeks later,"

Zayn couldn't believe what he was hearing. Ed and Allie had written a song together. It tore his heart even further apart. It seemed his plan didn't work at all. No, instead it made everything just worse. As he was listening to the radio, he heard an announcement that almost stopped his heart. Allie was pregnant with Ed's child. Zayn didn't think he could take the pain anymore. He wanted his Allie Boo Boo back. He couldn't bare the fact that he would never be able to have her back. He wouldn't hear it from anyone. Louis had tried talking sense into him, Bella even tried. But it was no use, Zayn wasn't about to give up just yet. Allie was his, and that's how it was going to be. That's how it should be now. 

Zayn sulked his way out of bed and to his living room. He took out his Ipad and made a few tweets. Posted a few queer quotes about love and logged off. 


   Allie woke up with morning sickness like she had for the last couple of weeks. Ed, being as caring as he always was, Held her hair back and rubbed her back. "You're almost done baby, You're almost done." he kissed the top of her head. 

After a few more minutes of constant throwing up, Allie flushed the toilet and stood up wiping her sleeve over her mouth. Ed hugged her tightly. Allie hugged him back. "I think I'm going to shower. I'm sorry for waking you up so early." It was about 7:00 in the morning now. It was Christmas Eve. 

Ed smiled. "No don't be it's fine, really. I'll start up a nice bath for you, Okay?" He pulled away from the hug planting a kiss on her cheek. He then started filling the tub. Truthfully, when Allie first told him that she was pregnant, he was at a loss of words. It's wasn't that he was bothered by the news it was just that he wasn't expecting it. He wondered how long Allie had known she was pregnant before she told him. Ed filled the bathtub with hot water, just the way Allie liked it. 

Allie undressed and slipped into the tub. Ed flashed he a smile and started to get up. But before he could get to his feet, Allie pulled his lips to her and kissed him. When she pulled away, she was smiling. "Thanks babe. For being here for me." 

Ed smiled. "Don't mention it babe." He kissed the top of her head before walking out. Allie was always apologizing and thanking him as if he was expecting her to. Ed always told her to not because it made him feel uncomfortable. Ed believed her reason for doing this was Zayn. He was a very controlling bloke. Ed had watched the numerous times they had all gone out together,he zayn Allie and the other boys, zayn wouldn't let her leave his side. She was never allowed out, she had to stay home with drake all the time. Zayn would yell at her for the Little Things she did. She'd always get a small voice and apologize.

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