It All Started With A Twitcam And A Tweet

Mikki and her friends Bella, Kadi, Jozette and Chelsea made a group YouTube account where they uploaded remix's to famous music videos, one day they uploaded a video to Live While We're Young by One Direction, that night there was a Twitcam with Harry, Louis and Niall. What happens when Mikki and her friends tweet a funny comment and Harry starts talking to Mikki through twitter and other kinds of communication? Will love blossom? More than once?


9. Chapter 5

 Mikki's P.O.V

I woke up expecting to be still in the London Eye, but instead I  woke on … Harry's bed?  Wait what? I though we were on the London Eye? I got out of bed and walked into the lounge room to find Harry and the boys sitting there talking.

"Hey Mikki about time you woke up" Niall smiled at me.  I smiled back and looked at Harry.

"Can I talk to you? Please?" He nodded and followed me out side.

"What is it Mikki?" He asked.

"Well, how did I get home? Last time I checked we were on the London Eye" I said confused.

"Well, I woke up about when the Eye started moving again, and I saw you sleeping and didn’t want to wake you, so I put your top back on along with my jacket and wrapped you up in one of the blankets and put all the clothes in the blanket as well after I got changed and then I picked you up and carried you to the car and drove home and here we are" He stated proudly. I admit I couldn’t believe I had been asleep the entire time that happened.

"Ok but won't people suspect I mean the way we looked. Won't people think we did …. It" I said, I know I should be but talking to Harry about 'the deed' was awkward. He smiled and laughed slightly.

"Don’t worry, because I wrapped you up in a blanket and carried you out all the reporters think that you just fell asleep on the Eye while we were waiting for it to be fixed " he said quite proudly, I blushed at the fact I hadn't figure t out myself.  Harry kissed my forehead and wrapped his arms around me and I wrapped mine around him as well, It gave me sometime to think and then I just realised my lower region was hurting really bad and I didn't know why.  I cringed my face to deal with the pain and Harry let me go and looked at me, I guess he felt me tense up. 

"You ok?" he asked, I shoke my head, I have never felt this much pain, why was it happening. "What's wrong?" he asked, he sounded really concerned.

"My um … lower region kills" I said, I felt really awkward telling him that but I knew he would give up until he found out what was wrong.  He realised what I was talking about and looked …. Guilty.

"It must be from when we were on the London Eye, it was you first time wasn't it?" he asked I nodded and he sighed.  "I guess I wasn't as gentled as I should have been, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done it" he kept rambling on about how sorry he was and how he should have waited, but I think he kinda forgot that fact that I had wanted him to do it.

"Harry its not your fault, remember I agreed to it as well, I just didn't think it would hurt this bad, ok it neither of our faults, ok but do you think you could get me some pain killers? It really hurts" I asked, he nodded and walked inside.   I walked into the lounge room and all the guys were there

"Hey guys" I said as I sat down to join them.

"Hey Mikki" they all snickered. I gave them a confused look and then Harry came back in with the tablets and some water, I don't know why but when Harry sat down the boys started laughing even more.  I gave them a confused face.

"What's so funny guys?" Harry asked as I took my tablets.

"Oh nothing, just the fact that I don’t think I will EVER be going on the London Eye again" Louis said giggling.

"OH MY GOD, how did you guys know?!?" I ask annoyed.

"Well, we discovered this thing called eavesdropping" Niall said as if it was obvious.

"Rrrggg I'll be upstairs" I said as I got up and walked out up to my room, I wasn't really mad or annoyed I was just tired and the pain killers still hadn't kicked in yet. As I was about to lie down on my bed I heard my phone ring.

Incoming call from:  Erin

Erin? Wow I hadn't heard from her in ages, Erin and I used to be best friends, we still are its just after she changed schools we didn't see each other as much, we still did have sleepovers and such, but we were never as close as we used to be.

"Hello?" I answered, I heard some sort of sniffling on the over line.

"Mikki? Oh thank GOD you answered" I heard more sniffling, was she crying?

"Erin are you alright? you sound like your crying"

"I-I have no w-where too go Mikki, m-my exchange got messed up and I-I ended up in S-South Africa when I'm ment to be in France" she said crying, I knew why she always hated being in places unknown to her.

"Ok Erin, just hold up and I'll call up back in 10 minutes ok?" I said, I had a plan.

"O-OK" she said, she hung up and I went out into the lounge room.

Once out side Harry ran up to me.

"Mikki I'm so sorry about the boys , they just don’t really know when to stop" Harry started blabbering,

"Harry shh, its ok but right now we have a bigger problem right now so I need to talk to all of you" I said, he nodded and we walked back into the lounge room, were the boys started firing their apologies to me.   "Oh My God! Guys its ok but I need to ask you something.  My friends Erin was on exchange as well but she ended up in the wrong place and doesn't have any money and I was wondering if she could come stay with us?" I asked, I looked towards Liam, because he would most likely be the one to make the final answer.

"Yeah sure I guess she could" Liam said, all the other boys agreed, I started jumping and squealing around like an idiot.  They were all looking at me like I had just killed someone.

"What? Oh I don’t care I have to go call Erin" I said and ran back into the bedroom and picked up my phone and call ed Erin back.  Suddenly the door opened and Liam popped his head in.

"Oh Mikki I just wanted to let you know that this is her flight details" he said as he handed me a piece of paper I looked at it and started jumping up and down like an idiot, she would be coming in by tomorrow.  Its been so long since I've seen her and I miss her soo bloody much. I dialled her number and she picked up after the first few rings.

"H-Hello?" she said sniffily.

"Ok Erin, stop crying sweetie, I have a ticket for you to fly over to London and you'll be staying with me and my exchange family, ok? Don’t worry they are fine with it." I explained, I heard her calm down a little.

"R-Really? Oh thank you Mikki, I appreciated it, but I don’t have money for another plane ticket" she said I chuckled knowing that she is very stressed when it comes to not having money.

"Don’t worry my exchange family bought you a tickets its under.." I looked down and saw that they had put the ticket under 'Kevin the pigeon" Oh Louis what am I going to do with you.  "..Ok its under Kevin the pigeon, don’t ask just go get the ticket and we'll pick you up when you get here oh and one more thing… don’t freak out when you find out who my exchange family is ok?" that’s the only thing I was worried about Erin what a MAJOR Directioner bigger than me, she'll fangirl when I new poster she's never seen before come out .

"...Umm sure? I guess?  Thank you soo much Mikki I don’t know how to repay you" she gushed.

"You can repay me by going to get your ticket NOW the flight leaves soon" I exclaimed.

"Oh right sorry, umm see you when I get to London, love ya bye" she said, I said my goodbye and we hung up.

"So is everything sorted" I jumped when I heard Harry sneak in.

"Jesus Christ you scared me to death" I said as I turned around to she him smirking, amused by my reaction.  "Oh you think that was funny?" I asked,

"No … I though it was hilarious" he said and then started laughing really hard.  "Y-you should h-h-have seen you.. Face" he said breathlessly.

"Hmph" I said and sat on the bed and pouted.  He shortly after calmed down and looked at my pouting face.

"Daw did I hurt wittle Mikki's feewings?" he asked in a baby voice I nodded and continued to pout like a 5 year old, I admit to the normal persons eye I would have looked like complete idiot but in this household it is completely natural.  'Aw I'm sowwy, forgive me?" he pouted as well and it took me so much self control not to start laughing.

"No" I said stubbornly.



"Pwetty Pwease"


"Daw why wont you forgive me?" He asks still playing along.

"Because you scared me and I don’t like being scared" I stated like it was obvious.

"Well I'm sorry then, please, I'll make you breakfast?" he asked, it was only then I realised how hungry I actually was.

"Well, foods a completely different matter. So yes I will forgive you now go make me breakfast" I demanded, trying to hold in a giggle which slightly slipped my mouth.

"Yes ma'am" He said and picked me up over his shoulder and carried me outside into the kitchen I was laughing uncontrollably and so was he, not so much but he was laughing quite a lot.  The boys looked at us like we were on drugs. Harry took me off his shoulder and put me on the counter.  I sat there still giggling, while he got out some eggs and bacon. I watched as he started cooking up a storm while the boys starting arm wrestling.  I turned to watch it was quite fascinating these boys were hilarious, I watched as Niall's face scrunched up in frustration and the need to put more strength into his arm as Louis was pushing his arm down onto the table.

'God these boys' I think as I roll my eye. 

 I can't wait for all the activities we shall have planned.


Hey guise XD  I am sorry I haven't updated :( I know your probably really mad and I can understand that I am mad at myself for not posting.  But I can't really post anything when I have writers block so yeah well anyway hope you like the chapter XD


And you know what to do






By my lovelies <3

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