It All Started With A Twitcam And A Tweet

Mikki and her friends Bella, Kadi, Jozette and Chelsea made a group YouTube account where they uploaded remix's to famous music videos, one day they uploaded a video to Live While We're Young by One Direction, that night there was a Twitcam with Harry, Louis and Niall. What happens when Mikki and her friends tweet a funny comment and Harry starts talking to Mikki through twitter and other kinds of communication? Will love blossom? More than once?


3. Chapter 2

Harry's P.O.V

I couldn't stop thinking about her, her voice was hypnotising, and her giggle made me go weak in the knees, I have been waiting for so long for a girl to have this effect on me, and I finally found her, but the problem is I don’t know her age and I've already been targeted at the man who goes after older women and all the girls in her Twitter profile picture looked really young and I didn't want to be looked at as a paedophile, because I'm not.

She has everything I look for in a girl personality wise considering I actually don’t know what she looked like.  She was shy, cheeky, funny and seems like a girl I can get along with.  I feel like I'm falling for her and I don't want to be guttered if she doesn't feel the same way.  I'll just have to see how that Skype call goes.  I suddenly saw my phone light of in my hand. 

1 new text message from Mikki<3.

I grinned and opened the text message.

Hey Styles ;) here my Skype call me later, but not now and if you reply I shall not be happy cos you should be asleep!!!

I looked at her Skype name and added it to my Skype contacts.  I decided I would have a look t her Skype account see if I can get an image.  I opened up her profile and saw her dp (display picture).  Which was of two of the girls that were in her Twitter, well that narrows it down.  Both of those girls are gorgeous and I really couldn't pick which one was her.

I decided to go to sleep and just think, her voice was playing on my mind and her laugh was intriguing,  I couldn't believe when I called her beautiful she didn't believe me I knew I hadn't seen her, but I think every girl is beautiful in her own way.  I closed my eyes and went to sleep thinking of Mikki


Beep beep.

I woke up to the sound of my phone going off and opened my eyes to see I had a new text message.

1 new text message from Mikki<3.

I grinned as I opened the text message, I don’t know why but this girl made me smile all time, I haven't even seen the girl.

Hey Harry :) I was wondering if you want Skype now??? It's only like 7 pm over here????

OMG She really wanted me to Skype with her, I grabbed my laptop and opened Skype.  I saw her name and that she was online.  I click her name and started a video chat.  After a few seconds a gorgeous face popped up, but it was none of the ones I saw in any of her pictures that’s weird.

"Hey Harry" she said with a slight giggle. Yep that’s her I would recognise that giggle anywhere.

"Hey Mikki, I was right, you are gorgeous"  and I wasn't lying she was down right beautiful.  I watched as a slight redness crept onto her cheeks.

"Thanks" She said facing the her bed.

"No problem babe, so what are you doing?" I ask.  Way to go harry 'what are you doing?' that’s like the lamest conversation starter in the book, GOD I figured I of all people could have come up with a better line than that.  Jeez I must be sick.

"Its been good, school starts a week" she explained, which meant if I was right we would barely have any contact.  "Oh but there is a good side to it, me and a few of my friends signed up to go on exchange for two years, and we got accepted but we all go split up, except for me and a friend of mine Jozette and you'll never guess where we're going" She said with a giggle, I wish she was coming to London, or better yet Holmes Chapel, that you be amazing, but she's probably going to like New York or Paris or somewhere.

"Where?" I said trying to sound enthusiastic. 

"LONDON!!!" she screamed and jumped around.

"Cool" I said quite blankly then I repeated what she said "W-wait what?" I exclaimed eager to hear what she said again.

"London, I'm going to London on exchange, I'm so exited!!!!" She said with jumping up and down.

"That's great babe, do you know what part of London, maybe we can meet up and stuff?" I asked with my fingers crossed.

"No we haven't gotten told that much, but I will be on the first day of school and then we will be going over there for 2 years. AHHHH I'm soo exited I've always dreamed  of going to London!!"  She was really exited, I really hope we can meet up, I mean if she's in the right town then maybe I can make her my girlfriend.  I mean we have 2 years to get to know each other and then start a relationship.

"Yeah, that would be great, but because it is exchange I would still have to go to school you know" she giggled.

"Nah Duh" I said in my best gay accent.  She burst into fits of laughter.

"Ok, well I really want to get to know you Harry so lets play 20 Questions sound good?" she asked, I nodded and she started.

*How The Game Went*


Mikki: Favourite Movie Idol?

Me: Stevie Wonder or John Mayer.


Me: Favourite animal?

Mikki: Meerkats


Mikki: Favourite food?

Me: Pasta


Me: Favourite band?

Mikki: Short Stack or DanSweeto (DanSweeto is now call Sweeto but I love their old name. Anyway they are Australian band and you should check them out, but sadly in March Short Stack broke up :( but I will always be a full blood Stacker!!)


Mikki: Favourite colour on a girl?

Me:  Red or Black.


Me: How come you didn't say we were your favourite band?

Mikki: You guys are my favourite BOY BAND but normal bands Short Stack and DanSweeto are my favourite.


Mikki:  Favourite place in the world?

Me:  That’s a though one but I'd have to say either America or Australia, I really enjoyed the weather.


Me: Favourite food?

Mikki:  Italian.


*End of Game*

"Well that was fun, haha well I should get going, I have a early start tomorrow" She said,

"Why? What you doing?"  I asked curiously.

"I have training" She said confidently

"Oh really, training in what?" I asked curiously.

"Ice skating, I do it competitively" She said proudly.

"Well I guess I should let you sleep then?" I asked sounding disappointed .

"Aww don’t worry we can text tomorrow if you want?" she ask, I agreed.

"Well, bye gorgeous and have a nice sleep" I said with my signature smirk.

"Hehehe goodnight Hazzabear" She grinned, I like that 'Hazzabear' its like her own nickname, I like it. I hope she used it more often  "You don't mind me calling you that?" she asked.

"Absolutely not! I love it when you say it" I said truthfully.

"Thanks well goodnight my Hazzabear" she said as she hung up.  MY Hazzabear?  She said MY! OMG!!!

I shut my laptop and got out of  bed and put own some jeans a button up shirt and walked out into the kitchen with the biggest grin on my face.

"Why are you so happy Harry?" Zayn asked from the table.

"Oh no reason" I didn’t really feel like telling the boys about Mikki just yet, I mean I know for a fact Liam will go all Daddy Direction on me and say either she lives to far away or your rushing it, but I could honestly care less, I mean I am falling for this girl HARD and fast I might add.

"Come one Haz. I haven't seen you this happy like ever" Louis said, trying to bribe me into telling them, I decided I'd tell them they have the right to know and I feel like a have to tell someone or I'm gonna burst.

"Ok so you know that girl I was stalking on twitter last night? When we were doing the Twitcam?" I asked them, they all nodded. "Well she gave me her number and I walked out of the room and called her, OMG her voice is like angelic!! And then this morning she texted me saying we should Skype and I've was on Skype with her since about 7" I said proudly.

"Jeez that means you guys were Skyping for like 2 hours its 9 right now!!" Niall exclaimed.

"Wow, it didn’t feel like we were Skyping for that long, it felt like 10 minutes" I said astounded by how long I can talk to her and never get bored.

"Harry, look I know your gonna say you really like her but come on do you even know the girl?" Liam says, I was expecting this.

"Well yes, I know quite a lot" I said proudly, he looks at me if to say 'I'd like to see that' I give him an 'alright' look and start.  "Her favourite animal is a Meerkat, because she loves Timon from the Lion King.  Her favourite bands are Short Stack and DanSweeto, they are both Australian bands.  She loves Italian food and she also Ice skates competitively"  I said feeling very proud in myself.

"Ok maybe you do know a lot about her, but just try not to rush things, I mean you only technically only found her last night" he said, I knew he was just keeping an eyes out for me, and I respect that.

"I know Liam but I know I am falling for her and hard" I said, I saw the guys gave me sympathetic faces.

"Hey maybe, we could Skype with her next time you do? You know that way we can meet her as well" Louis said, I nodded glad that they wanted to see her and get to know her, because it would be really awkward and bad if the girl I like doesn't get along with my band mates.

*3 weeks later*


Mikki's P.O.V

Its been three weeks since I first started Skyping with Harry and I have really enjoyed it,  I have Skyped with the other boys as well and we are planning a surprise for Harry, apparently he keeps going on about how much he wants to see me, and the boys and I have planned a surprise for him.

Right now I am just checking my bags to make sure I have everything, yes, I am finally on my way on exchange.  I am leaving in a few minutes and I was doing the last minute check.  I was really leaving my aunty for two years. 

Beep beep

I took my phone out of my pocket and unlocked the screen

1 new text from Hazzabear<3

I grinned and opened it, I had to admit I was falling for him and hard!  I just don't think he feels the same.  I had a Skyping call with Liam and he had tried to convince me otherwise saying that he talks non stop about  me, but I don’t believe him.  Anyway I opened the message and smiled when I saw it.

Hey gorgeous, can't wait for you to get to London, I hope we can meet :) they boys hope so too xD

And attached to the message was a picture of all the boys huddled around the camera and crossing their fingers. I replied straight always.

Aww thanks Hazzabear <3 hope I can see you guys too :)

The best thing was I knew I would see him, I just did. 

"Michaela you need to get down here right now!!" I heard my Aunty Kelly yell.  Oh yes and your probably wondering why I live with my Aunty?  Well its pretty simple my mum re-married, I didn't like the guy so mum agreed I could go live with Aunty Kelly, but I have to visited for Christmas, but she knows that I'll only stay for 2 weeks.

Anyway as I was saying I am right now in my Aunt's car on my way to the airport, I can't wait to get to London.


Louis' P.O.V

It was the week that Mikki was ment to be coming to London, Harry was freaking out saying things like, 'what if she isn't interested in meeting me face to face?' or 'what if her exchange place is to far away and we can't meet?'. To tell you the truth its actually getting quite annoying.  But I knew that they definitely would meet and if they didn't end up as a couple then I don't know what will.

Me and the boys besides Harry of course and Mikki, have planned a surprise for Harry.  We decided that we know how much Harry wants to meet Mikki and we know  how much Mikki wants to meet Harry, so when we found out she was going on exchange to London, but hadn't been given a prober place yet, Liam and I went to talk to Simon about us being her exchange host, she would learn a lot of thing and it would be great for Harry to actually try and settle down with a girl, don’t get me wrong, he's my best friend and I love him for him, but when he brings home girls, sleeps with them and says he'll call them and never does, he quite rude and I think he really needs a stable relationship now.  Anyway Liam Niall and Zayn are ok with it and so we talked to her school and she'll be staying with us for two years.  It should be great we all really get along and I think she is a wonderful girl and would definitely suit Harry.

Mikki was arriving today so we told Gemma (Harry's sister) that she was coming and due to when he went and saw his family again apparently he still didn’t shut up about her.  She knew exactly what to do and told Harry that they hadn’t hung out just them two for a while, so why not? And it worked, I had gotten a text from Mikki saying had was boarding the plane.  Yes we all have her number.  Anyway I got that text about 16 hours ago so she should be landing soon.  Liam and Zayn have decided to go pick her up while Niall and I clean the house a little.

After about 10 minutes we basically had the whole house clean and just had to wait for Mikki, Liam and Zayn to get back.  We heard knock at the door and Niall and I bounded over to the door an opened it and there stood Mikki with Liam and Zayn standing around her.

"Mikki!!!!!" I yelled and hugged her and spun her around, she was laughing so hard.

"Hey Louis, so good to finally meet you" she said when I put her down, I looked next to me and ran and hugged Niall.

"G'day Nialler!!!!" she said while laughing, he hugged her back and spun her around like I did.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and look at it.

1 new text message from Hazza

Hey Louis,  I'm coming home now, the fans found out where I was and mobbed up, I'm outside now.

"Guys quick get Mikki inside and into her hiding place Harry's here!!!" I yelled everyone ran into house and I brought Mikki into the kitchen cupboard, because knowing Harry he's going to come him and get some chocolate out, we really wanted to surprise him.  She giggled when I pushed her into the cupboard but didn’t question it.  I saw Liam put her suitcase in Harry's room.  Because if he didn’t go into the kitchen her would go into his room.

"Just wait here, trust me he will love to see you" I said se nodded and giggled, I shut the cupboard door and walked into the lounge room with the rest of the boys and gave them a thumbs up.


Harry's P.O.V

I didn't really understand why Gemma wanted to hang out, I only saw her like 4 days ago, but she said we hadn't hung out just her and me, and agreed because I knew it was true.  We went shopping saw a movie but I then got mobbed by fans, I knew the quite wouldn't last.

I decided to say bye to Gemma and go home, I texted Louis saying I was coming home early, he told me ok.  I got into my car and drove home.  I walked inside and saw all the boys sitting in the lounge room.  I went to join them and sat down with them.

"Hey guys, have you gotten a text or call from Mikki today? I've texted her a few time, but she hasn't replied and that’s not like her" I said, worried I was worried, she always replies to my text even if it just a 'You're gorgeous'.

"Nah sorry mate, she probably had her phone off because of the flight" Liam said, I knew that would be the reason, because you can turn your phone on when your on the plane, and that she would have landed about 2 hours ago, so why didn't she reply.

"No because she would have landed by now, guys I'm really worried" I said they all looked at me, and could tell I was worried.

"Ill see if I can get a hold of her for you , but for now, I bought you more chocolate for you its where it normally is" Louis said walking into his room with his phone, hopefully calling Mikki.

I got up off the couch and walked into the kitchen and opened the door and gasped at what I saw…


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