Devious Affairs

This is mainly the storyline from an episode of Ugly Betty, that i have written myself into a descriptive story. I don't own any ideas or anything - no Copyrighting. :)
Story blurb:
Two people can be in love forever.....can't they?


2. Wilhelmina's chance


Wilhelmina saw Daniel approach Molly, take her arm, and lead her off to someplace private. She knew that Daniel was into Molly, and he must be trying to seduce her without Connor noticing. Perfect! Wilhelmina approached Connor.

"I hate to steal you away, but there is someone you just have to meet!" she exclaimed, with a twinkle in her eye. She awaited Connor's response, and bit her lip nervously, yet seductively. Wilhelmina hooked her arm around Connor's and tugged at it.

"Certainly Willy!" he said. She loved it when he called her that - it made her feel closer to him when he used a nickname for her. She led him over to the publisher of Ella magazine, a Japanese man named Kazumi. Connor grinned at her, and she melted as his eyes gleamed, and he beamed a happy grin at her. They talked buisness with Kazumi, as they both worked high up the chain at Range magazine (Connor was Daniel's partner and Wilhelmina was the creative director). Suddenly, the mood changed.

"So how long have you two been going out?" Kazumi asked, not understanding how much embaressment this was about to cause the pair. Wilhelmina was mortified, yet slightly glad that they appeared to be together. She looked up, and saw Connor's cheeks growing pink. She composed herself, and managed to mumble a few regretful words.

"Um, we're not actually....." she mumbled. Connor's cheeks had re-attained their normal tan colour, and he let go of her arm.

"Oh gosh, I am sorry, but you two would make the most divine power couple, and you do look great together!" Kazumi exclaimed, in his chirpy Japanese accent. Wilhelmina laughed, then politely led Connor away to a quiet corner of her apartment.

"I have been finding it quite difficult to be around you, ever since our trip to Florida last week." she said, looking up into Connor's eyes. They were like pools of melting caramel, and she wanted nothing more than to drown in them, and for him to stare at her in the loving way that she stared at him. They had gone on a buisness trip to Florida, and then gone back to their hotel room and got drunk - well, only Connor got drunk because Wilhelmina was secretly pouring her alcohol down the sink. She then tried to kiss him and make a move, but he rejected her. When they arrived back in Manhatten, Wilhelmina had only made a fool out of herself, and babbled rediculous words to him, ashamed of her previous attempts to get togther as a couple.

Suddenly, before either of them could say anything more, Molly ran towards Connor.

"I'm not feeling well, can we go home darling?" she asked, with a weak smile. They left Wilhelmina to sit in her sorrows. Now she had sent compleatly the wrong message to him! He thought she didn't like him! Wilhelmina poured herself another glass of wine. She knew she was going to need it.

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