Devious Affairs

This is mainly the storyline from an episode of Ugly Betty, that i have written myself into a descriptive story. I don't own any ideas or anything - no Copyrighting. :)
Story blurb:
Two people can be in love forever.....can't they?


3. Daniel's chance

While Wilhelmina was approaching Connor, Daniel had brought Molly to the bedroom. She looked puzzled, and he wanted to reassure her. He walked towards her, put one hand on the back of her neck, and kissed her. It didn't last for long, as she pushed him away.

"Daniel, what are you doing?" she asked, backing away from him. Immediately he felt like an idiot for rushing things. She obviously wasn't ready!

"Come on Molly, you know there's a connection between us. I have felt it, and i know you have too." Daniel whispered, re-approaching her. She cowered, but didn't refuse when he put a hesitant hand on her shoulder.

"Daniel, I'm engaged" Molly whispered, but she knew she had felt a connection to him, especially after tasting his soft and salty lips. Their kiss felt nicer than her ones with Connor - he was more urgent, but Daniel didn't mind taking it slow. Suddenly Molly backed away.

"I don't know what i was thinking" she muttered, as she ran out of the room.

"Molly, wait!" Daniel called, as he ran after her. He didn't understand what had happened - everything was going so perfectly up until now! Maybe he had rushed her too much, maybe she needed a gap inbetween relationships? But he knew one thing for sure...he had really screwed this oppourtunity up. And there wouldn't be another one.

Molly pushed past the crowds of people, apologising repeatedly. She didn't know wether she was apologising to them, or to Connor in her mind. She felt like she had cheated on him by kissing Daniel, and they were engaged! She didn't know what to do. People watched as she stumbled in her stilettos; shoes not designed for running in. Champagne spilled, as she bumped into people's backs, and low angry muttering surrounded her. She was in a vortex of pity, hypnotized by a non-existant spell that Daniel had put on her. Connor came into view, with Wilhelmina. She said something to him, but Molly interrupted.

"I'm not feeling well, can we go home darling?" Molly managed to mutter, feeling so ashamed at her actions. Wilhelmina looked shocked, as they left her lonesome in the middle of her appartment. The last thing Molly saw was Wilhelmina pouring a glass of champagne. Then they were out into the cool city air, and bundled into a taxi.

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