Devious Affairs

This is mainly the storyline from an episode of Ugly Betty, that i have written myself into a descriptive story. I don't own any ideas or anything - no Copyrighting. :)
Story blurb:
Two people can be in love forever.....can't they?


4. After-party

After the party, Daniel drowned his sorrows in coffee, from Pels coffee shop. He sipped the warm caffeine coated liquid, and felt serene and forgiving, as the coffee reached his stomach. Daniel strolled out, taking his cup with him, and headed back towards his appartment. He reached the gates, then was surprised to see Molly sitting on the first step. She was dressed in a red satin dress, and her hair was down, adorned with loose golden curls. She stood, and stepped towards him.

"You were right - I can't honestly say i don't have feelings for you" Molly whispered, her voice like a chime of a beautiful hymn in the night-time darkness. Daniel hesiated.

"I broke up with Connor." Molly whispered, with the tiniest hint of regret in her eyes. Daniel's thoughts stopped in their tracks, and he was shocked at this announcement. He had been waiting to hear this for what felt like forever...

They shared a passionate kiss outdoors, and then moved indoors. Daniel loved her, and Molly loved him. It was the perfect romance.


After the party, Wilhelmina sat on her sofa, rubbing her feet. Killer heels don't half kill your feet! The candles around her room glowed yellow, and seemed to symbolize her burning desire for Connor. She felt like such an idiot, after sending the wrong message to Connor, and she had no chance with him now. Her night-dress hung over the edge of the sofa, and her leopard print heels lay, abandoned by the fire. Remorse burned in her eyes, as she thought about what could have been. The doorbell rang, and Wilhelmina was confused. Who visits people at midnight? She stuffed her feet into her heeled slippers, and trudged to towards the door.

Wilhelmina opened it, and was shocked to see Connor with one arm resting on the doorframe. His eyes met hers, and he saw her confusion. He walked slowly and seductively towards her, then grabbed the back of her neck and kissed her. It was passionate, and urgent, and she grew stronger with evry minute of it. Their mouths moved together, then pulled away to kiss the other side. She was lost in the moment, never wanting it to end. They kissed all night.

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