Devious Affairs

This is mainly the storyline from an episode of Ugly Betty, that i have written myself into a descriptive story. I don't own any ideas or anything - no Copyrighting. :)
Story blurb:
Two people can be in love forever.....can't they?


1. The Party

Daniel glanced over the Manhatten city apartment's interior - number 1576, and sighed with jealous contentment. There she was...the girl for him. Her blonde hair radiated beams of golden light, and her laugh tinkled in the echoing atmospere. She looked gorgeous, in a white mini dress, and red stilettos to contrast with the white, yet compliment her stunning red lipstick. Daniel felt his heart tugging towards her; he had liked her that little bit more ever since she had asked him to be her plus one for a previous charity event, in aid of Tibetan orphans. But there was only one problem - she was engaged to Daniel's buisness partner... Connor Owen.

Wilhelmina noticed Daniel in the corner of her apartment party. He had just arrived. She saw that Molly and Connor were together, talking to Claire Meade, that stupid woman who had destoryed her chances of becoming Chief Editor of Range magazine. She wanted to wring that old hag's neck, and treat her like the aged bat she was. Wilhelmina also noticed the look in Daniel's eyes, as he stared at Molly's hair. It did look particularly nice this evening, she thought. But Wilhelmina didn't let that make her confidence drop - she knew that she looked like a knockout tonight. She had been crushing on Connor since the first time she met him. His sexy Australian accent and well toned body was just the tip of the iceberg! His buisness mind and strong personality also appealed to Wilhelmina. She knew that she had to hatch a plan to be in with a chance of scoring with him tonight.

Connor saw Wilhelmina watching him, with longing in her eyes, and sighed. He knew that she had a crush on him - every time she spoke to him she babbled like an idiot, and said rediculous things like "Top of the morning to ya!" which she had said that morning. The signs were obvious - he knew them ever since almost every woman he had met had gone head over heels for him, straight away! He knew he was hot, and he wasnt afraid to show it... But Wilhelmina was different. He couldn't say that he wasn't just a little bit attracted to her. She was gorgeous, especially tonight in a silver sparkley mini, which contrasted beautifully with her mocha coloured complexion. Connor knew that he shouldn't be feeling these things towards her, after all he was engaged to Molly, his also beautiful fiancee, but he couldn't stop himself. He liked Wilhelmina.

Molly turned around to grab a glass of champagne, and Daniel stopped her in her tracks. He was in the entrance of the room, standing like a dork. Molly laughed - Daniel was such a cutie, and also a wonderful sport, to be her plus one at that Tibetan orphan charity do, as Connor had to work and couldn't come too. He was also great to lend her a dress from the Range magazine closet - it was the next months cover and must have cost thousands of dollars! She felt as though he was into her, and flirting, but she had to stop him. She was engaged to Connor, and wasn't going to cheat on him! But she didn't mind the attention, just for now. It made her feel pretty.

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