Picture Perfect

This fanfic is for my best best best best friend Jamila ps she has a story called you knew along.About the story , Avery Lux has been living in Dublin for a while working at Seventeen headquarters she is the best prohgrahper there very artsy . But when her best friend Layla poses with a new boy band Avery becomes smitten with a certain cheecky curly boy........ What is going to happen ??????


1. Work with some pleasure

Avery's pov

My alarm threatens to wake me up, which it does sadly. I leap out of my warm toasty comfy bed to the cold hard floor of my loft. I take out some designers clothes which I don't bother knowing the name nor will I ever. The outfit is a long sleeve orange , a school-girl black skirt . With my faveorit theigh high boots and to top it off my best wool jacket. I rush to the bathroom to the shower . I slowly strip and soon feel the hot steaming water jets crash on me. I leap out feeling a little more awake and race out the door. To meet Layla at a photo shoot downtown with a new boy band ......one direction . Great. Screaming girls just what I need .
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