Picture Perfect

This fanfic is for my best best best best friend Jamila ps she has a story called you knew along.About the story , Avery Lux has been living in Dublin for a while working at Seventeen headquarters she is the best prohgrahper there very artsy . But when her best friend Layla poses with a new boy band Avery becomes smitten with a certain cheecky curly boy........ What is going to happen ??????


3. Say cheese

Avery's pov
I swear this curly cheeky cocky over his head semi sexy guy is on my last nerve . He's got charm but that's not a major turn on ,right? Whatever. I signal the guys and Layla to the backstop. Soon the "real" airhead models come out pick a boy and pose. I swear it was all sex no fun I roll my eyes in desperation hoping Layla could show these stuck up snobs how to do their job. Hopefully. Finally the damn shoot is over I grab my camera stuff and leave. Once I get to my car I realize I left my phone in the building s%!+. I race over there only to find the one they call Harry, chatting up a blonde model. She stood there stroking his abs like she wants him to meet her in the closet. Then she loosens her extremely tight ,in all the right places , shirt . She slips her number in his pants or should I say underwear. Jealously leaks from my eyes as well as disgust . Soon cocky boy spots me , crap. He breaks a huge smile and I can see a twinkle in his deep emerald eyes. The model turns his head and forces him to look at her breasts ,oh BARF!!! I leave the two "love" birds alone I can see cocky boy's eyes get sadder. I get to my loft and see Layla has been laying out outfits that means one thing.......GIRLS NIGHT! Good timing too I could use one . She picks out a black dress ,tight in all the right places, with red accessories to go . A red vest ,no sleeves, and a red belt on my waist. The black heels from this years Fashion Week . "Your welcome" Layla says with a smirk I laugh. After I put on my tight dress,how can I even dance in it, comes the make up . She puts on som smokey eyeshadow deep deep red lipstick and all natural blush . My hair a vibrant curls with a tint of red. Soon she rushes out with a yellow "puffy" dress with a lot of black accessories . We looked HOT. To bad she has a boyfriend she could've gotten lucky oh well . We arrive and start with a few Blue Lagoons an hit the dance floor I turn and bump into a EXTREMELY HOT guy with emerald green eyes ....I'm going to get VERY VERY lucky . If only I could see his face the lights were everywhere so I could only see his eyes . But they look so familiar but who??
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