Picture Perfect

This fanfic is for my best best best best friend Jamila ps she has a story called you knew along.About the story , Avery Lux has been living in Dublin for a while working at Seventeen headquarters she is the best prohgrahper there very artsy . But when her best friend Layla poses with a new boy band Avery becomes smitten with a certain cheecky curly boy........ What is going to happen ??????


2. Beauty and the perv......

Harry's pov

I wake up with the smell of my faveorite bakery. Hey Soul Sister. What a place I rush down to the kitchen yes there it was crape with Nutella then fresh juicy strawberries and to top that off whip cream. The warm flakey crape melts the delicate whip cream to merg with my strawberries. I swear I think Layla is Liam's best girlfriend one she makes him happy blah blah two she gets us gifts plus i bet she has a friend. Mentally I wink , the guys are still asleep well except Liam hes with Layla that girl treats him right thats for sure. I took my whistle and blew its top off the boys came rushing in all bed head then we all get dressed after we have to take Niall to Nandoes typical. Ok now we are FINALLY done and we are late for a photo shoot crap ,again. We arrive at Seventeen HQ were a screaming Directioners greet us . We walk in and Layla is doing a bikini shoot all of our mouths drop Liam kicks us back to reality I turn to spot the photographer then I start to druel . Time to turn on the Harry charm . Layla grabs a robe greets us ,then tells us that's Avery the photographer . Even up close her chessnut hair in a messy braid still lightly damp from her shower . "Hey babe you can take all the pictures you want " I say with a smirk and a wink . "Barf leave that to your day dreams " she says her voice soft as silk all she is sexy all sexy . I like this one hard but worth it *insert sexy wink * ;)

A/N what do you think :) fan fave like comment spread ps read my other fanfic The System thxxxx :)
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