New Girl

hey im shauna and i just moved to california from ireland, theres 5 hot guys in my school there the populars.......


8. Stacey

Shaunas Pov

i dont know what was getting in to stacey but she better snap out of it quick before she ends up getting on my nerves, i was snapped out of my taught by my phone ringing, *shit* i whispered, *shauna, phone* Mr.Mulhoy snapped, *awww but sir its my friends from ireland and i havent talked to them since i got here, can i just go outside and talk to them for a while* i whined pleadingly, he sighed *fine out* he said emotionless, i walked out and awnsered the phone *yous nearly got my phone taking off me* i screamed *sorry* they all huffed, i laughed, *we saw your fella shauna* ross teased *shutup ross* i snapped, i knew lee liked me, so i decided that ide facetime them cause jade had a iphone too, it was morning in ireland and they wore all walking to school, *hey again* i spoke they all said hey back except lee, i could tell he was hurt because he wouldnt look at the screen *lee* i called him, he looked up and i could tell he was hurt i could see it in his big green eyes, jade came back up on the screen *give the phone to lee and walk ahead i need to talk to him* i said seriously, she knew what i wanted to talk about, so she handed him the phone and the rest of the gang walked ahead *lee whats wrong* i asked, he looked at the screen tears in his eyes, it hurt me to see lee cry, he was always the happiest of us all *why* *why what* *why did you get a boyfriend* *i dont know it just happened* *shauna you knew i liked you but you decide to go and get a boyfriend and break me* *lee you know that i couldnt just get with you and then just leave to go to america, i dont want a long distance realationship* *but shauna, i...i...i love you* he said seriously, my heart stopped, oh my god what do i say back, i cant say it back to him, just as i was about to awnser *shauna, back in please* Mr.Mulhoy said, *sorry lee the teachers callin me back in* *wait prove it*, mr.mulhoy heard him and walked up to me, *im sorry lee but shauna has to come back into class now* *ohhh sorry sir, see ya later shauna* lee said sadly *bye lee* i spoke and hung up, i went back into class and all i could think of, was what lee had said, the bell rang, and i started to walk home, i had my earphones in, at the highest they could go, just thinking about life in general, i felt someones hand on my shoulder, i turned around and saw zayn with red puffy eyes, *zayn what happened* i said worried, *s-s-stacey broke up with me* *shes a stupid bitch* i was fuming, i hugged him *zayn she doesnt know what shes lost, your one of the nicest and sweetest guys i know*

Zayns Pov

right when she said that i knew i needed to be with her, i needed her, i needed to break her and alex up, but how would i do that, i was snapped out of my taughts by alex running up, he pulled her into a hug and kissed her, that should be me not him, i didnt realise i said it out loud *what* they both asked in unison confused *ohhh i was just urmm singing a song that i know* *ohhh* they said in unison again and laughed, *so what do you two have planned today* i asked *nothing i was thinking we should all have a movie day at mine* shauna spoke, i taught her voice was angelic *yea ill text all the guys now* i pulled my phone out and texted them all, *they all said yea, were are you parents?* i asked *ohhh there gone back to ireland for a month to do work or something* *ohh* i said, we walked back to her house in silence, when we got in we started to pick out movies, shauna didnt like romances, weird but thats what i like about her, that shes not like every girl, she loved horrors and comedys and actions, so we picked out 6 movies, sinister, transformers 3, the grinch (cause shauna loves that movie and cat in the hat) cat in the hat, scream 4 and skyfall, we waited for the guys to come over to start are weird movie marathon.

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