New Girl

hey im shauna and i just moved to california from ireland, theres 5 hot guys in my school there the populars.......


9. Spider

aShaunas Pov

while we were watching the cat in the hat, i saw something move out of the corner of my eye, and saw the biggest spider i ever saw in my whole life *look at that fucking trantula* i screamed, i obviously over exaggerated but still its a spider, i dont like them, they just lurk in the darkness and when your at you happiest moment they jump out with their 700 legs and about 100 eyes, well anyways, i scared everyone with what i screamed, woops, harry being the hardman he is, went over and picked up the spider, *NO, put it down* i said as he got closer *oh my god no please harry dont* i screamed, i jumped over the sofa and made a mad dash for the bathroom, i could hear him running after me, *get that yoke away from me harry* i roared, *shauna i promise you i dont have it*, i dont know why but i trusted him BIG mistake, i swung the door open and harry threw the spider at me *ahhhhh* i screamed and slipped, i bounced the back of my head off the toilet *owwww* i yelped *ohh my god shauna im soooo sorry i didnt mean it* he said and rushed over to me *awwww harry your such a dope* he gave me a confused look *it means your stupid* *ohhhhh* *yea* i snapped *i didnt mean too* he whined and gave me the puppy dog eyes *awww how could i ever say no to your pretty green eyes* i said and pinched his cheeks, we both laughed and walked back to the sitting room, all the boys were gone, me and harry looked at eachother confused, i heard someone scream *attack!!* before i could react, i felt cold water being dumped over my head, *basterds!!* i screamed and ran, i could her footsteps behind me, i turned to see alex with a big glass of water in his hands *alex nooooooo* i whined *ok* he said back, i smiled and *can i have a drink of that* i asked innocently *yea here* he handed it to me and i took it happily *thanks* after that i threw it right in his face *ahhhhhhhhhhahahahaha* i pointed and laughed, he had a angry look on his face, he turned around and stormed off, i ran after him, at this point harry was soaked from head to toe, i stopped alex in the sitting room in front of all the boys, *alex it was a fucking joke calm down* i said angrily *no shana, i fucking trusted you* *are you for serious* i asked laughing *what are you laughing for* alex screamed, as he shoved me, i fell onto the ground, i looked up at him tears filling my eyes *what the fuck* zayn roared, he ran over and punched alex right in the nose *do you know what, fuck all of you, im finished with you shauna, i was only useing you for your house anyways* he spat at me *w..w..what* i stuttered crying *yea i only used you* alex said smileing, jumped up and hit him right in the face *get out* i roared *get out* *gladly* he said with a huge grin, i picked up the closetest thing i could and it was a vase and threw it at him, it hit him in the back of the head and smashed *i fucking hate you* i screamed, while tears streamed down my face, zayn and harry had to hold me back from going after him, and not trying to tear his face off *shauna* zayn said i turned to look at him *he doesnt diserve you hes a dickhead* he said angry at alex, all the memorys with alex flashed through my head, so i sobbed into zayns shoulder, all the boys left because zayn told them too, so i just sat there on the sofa crying my eyes out into zayns chest.

Zayns Pov

i was so angry with that dick head, i just wanted to punch him over and over again, until his face bled, i was so annoyed, i hated seeing shauna upset, why would he do that to her, i was snapped out of my taught by shauna talking to me *zayn* she said sniffleing *yea* i said, and looked into her eyes, i didnt realise i was leaning down till shauna pushed away from me *zayn i just got dumped by alex and your already tring to kiss me* she screamed *shauna i didnt mean to, i was just caught in the moment* i said with my head down, *its ok, just give it a few days before any of that kinda stuff happens ok* she said *ok*, she walked over to me and hugged me, *zayn why would he do that to me* she said crying *i dont know shauna but hes not worth your tears* she looked happy when i said that and stopped crying *im boloxed* she said *your what* *knackered, tired, wrecked* *ohhh* is all i said before she was out, i was quickly after her, i woke up with shauna still in my arms, she woke up and looked at me *hey zaynie* she spoke, i forgot we had school today *shit, i dont have any clothes* i said, lucky i only lived around the corner from shaunas, *ill be back in a few, just going home to get dressed yeah?* i said getting up *yeah* she said getting up and walking off to her room to get changed, i got home and ran up stairs to get changed quickly, i put on a red shirt, black jeans and red high tops, i got my back and slung it over my shoulders, i ran back to shaunas house and heard screaming, i ran in and saw alex standing over a lifeless shauna.

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